Ohio Man Accused of Terrorist Plot Due in Court

Posted by Jacked

In January 2015 21 year old Christopher Lee Cornell of Ohio was accused of plotting a terrorist attack on the US Capitol. Luckily the FBI was able to detain the suspect before any type of violence occurred. Cornell was arrested …


Orlando Shooting Caused by Terrorism and Mental Illness

Posted by Jacked

    As the nation tries to cope with yet another tragedy, the issue of gun control continues to heat up. The far left claims that we basically need an outright ban on all firearms while the conservative right feels …


Convicted Rapist Brock Turner Sentenced to 6 Months in County Jail and Probation

Posted by Jacked

Sure they may look like normal people, but looks can be deceiving. The 19 year old male in the center of the picture to the right is Brock Turner, a convicted rapist and a sad excuse for a human being. …


Iconic Boxer Muhammad Ali Dead at 74

Posted by Jacked

3 time world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali passed away June 3rd from respiratory issues and complications related to his Parkinson’s Disease in Phoenix, AZ. With a record of 56-5 over a 21 year professional career including 37 knockouts, Ali will …


2016 Presidential Election: Is it Really America’s Choice?

Posted by Jacked

  Democrats vs. Republicans. The only two parties that have seemed to matter in this generation’s political landscape…But one has to wonder how different the individuals representing said parties really are. Sure the democrats cry for a liberal nation seeking …


Is the ‘Bullying epidemic’ overblown?

Posted by Master Jack

There is a poignant remark in Peter Stearns’s book, ‘Anxious Parents,’ when he compares the parenting styles of the 19th-Century to the 20th-Century. Stearns highlighted how the 19th-Century approach to parenting viewed their children as, “Sturdy innocents who would grow …


Hilarious Video on Boston Strong… No Homo

Posted by Master Jack

Great comedy skit by Shawn Donovan, hilarious bit on Boston Strong.


Osama bin Laden Dead

Posted by Master Jack

Osama bin Laden has been killed by an American special operations group. When people think of terrorist they think of Osama bin Laden. He is now dead and now we can get back to a safer world.

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