2016 Presidential Election: Is it Really America’s Choice?



Democrats vs. Republicans. The only two parties that have seemed to matter in this generation’s political landscape…But one has to wonder how different the individuals representing said parties really are. Sure the democrats cry for a liberal nation seeking equality for all and the GOP boasts “traditional” conservative values. Yet, year after year it seems not much has changed in this country. In fact many would argue things are getting worse.


So called “American” corporations continue to ship our jobs overseas, taking advantage of our lenient trade regulations as well as other countries’ almost non-existent wage laws. Instances of violence, hatred and racism plague the media everyday, in what seems to be a growing divide among not only race but also socio-economic status. We as a people need to remember that things like “class” are just labels. At the end of the day we are all human beings. This next election has to make you wonder though. Donald Trump has been a significant donor to the Clintons for a long time and now in 2016 he is running against Hilary, claiming an opposition to a majority of her views. Let us not forget that Ms. Clinton and her husband gladly accepted his donations and did so with some of Trump’s interests in mind. How does such a radical change in values occur in such a short period of time? It was only about 8 years ago that Mr. Trump was supporting Hilary for the presidency in 2008. So is our country’s best interests really in mind? Or have we been duped so royally this time that whether a Democrat or a Republican wins this year, the hand behind the iron curtain will rule either way? You decide.


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