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My name is not Jack as the website would leave you to believe, but domain names are like women and sometimes you got to settle for what you can get. Anyway, I’m just a young kid trying to find a way to make a living in life, and since all of the good jobs are either reserved from the proclivity for nepotism, or just completely withered away in this economy. I got to take all of the useless information I have in my brain and turn it into a commodity. And if there was ever a place to do that it’s not only America, but the internet.

Look forward to you reading me. If you want to drop me a note, go to the Contact Me page.

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    • JC: Gotta love there’s instantly braindead people defending the scam they partake in. Isn’t that more...
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    • brian jacobs: Em said keep giving them hell as long as im living and here I am. FUCK EM. vision is my most powerful...
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