College is the biggest scam in America; One of them at least.

In order to not only attain a quality job, rather in fact, just apply for one, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. That leaves a high school graduate left with very few options. The likely ones are college (which is where you would attain that degree), the work force, and military, or just plain loafing at your parents’ house. In 2009, 70% of high school graduates went to college.

College is no longer restricted to the higher-classes in society like it once was. The opportunities for students who come from a financially deprived situation have the chance to mortgage their education through financial aid, or student loans, which are the likely avenues. And nobody loves that more than the creditors who supply those loans.

College has become the assumed ‘right thing to do’ by most people, for a high school graduate to pursue. That notion may have to do with the fact it is the necessary protocol to attempt to be successful. But the question is, is that really the case?

In 2009, the unemployment rate for college graduates was 5.9%, which was the highest since 1983. A lot of people may attribute that to the ‘recession’ and dismiss it as a passing storm. But even for those who are employed, the average debt for college students is almost insurmountable, and while they may have a job as the result of a college degree (more or less), the irony is that they have to work twice as hard to pay off a huge debt as the result of acquiring that degree.No such thing as free.

What we have here is a classic example of a ‘catch 22’ you’re damned if you don’t go to college by having a resume that no company would take serious, and you’re damned if you do go to college by needing to hand over you’re freedom to creditors for the next twenty years just to pay for your education.

If you think about it, what practical value does college serve us? Most of these college graduates are not even prepared to go into work, because they sat in a classroom for four-years which simulates work-experience in no kind of way. This makes the price-tag of college even more ridiculous, it’s sort of like a ‘John’ paying for a blow job, and gets a peck on the cheek instead. That’s kind of what it’s like when you’re trying to set yourself up for a future career by learning how to be productive in that field, and instead you’re sitting through an elective about how ‘in actuality women are physiologically no different then men, just socially because the male patriarch has imposed its ruthless will.’ Then why is their cum useless, and ours is the formation of new life? But I’m getting sidetracked.

This system will never change, all of the politicians, and any person who as any type of pull come from these accredited institutions, and have likely been the honorees at major university events. So it’s not likely those people to screw the universities over. Plus the lobbying force of creditors like Sallie Mae, and the universities themselves will never let this cash-cow leave their favor.

The saying ‘the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer’ is not just some empty, little catch phrase. That saying holds a lot of weight, and this is a prime example of how it happens. Parents who can afford to send their kids to college, leave their children with the luxury of not having any debt once they go into their career (And that’s just one benefit). For those who can’t afford college, they have to rely on the vulture-like creditors to pay for their education, and then enslave them afterward with an inordinate amount of debt that in most cases is not realistic to overcome because college has not equipped them for an affluent career, in which it is foolishly but commonly portrayed to do.

Fuck you Asher Roth (The sucky rapper who loves college), I hate college. And fuck you Sam Adams (The sucky-rapper, who hates college but can’t articulate why) I hate you.

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