Top 10 Biggest Shitheads, 10-6…

Most People would call these guys douchebags, but rampant use of the term in the form of ‘… your a douche’ coming from a little weasel mouth annoys the fuck out of me. So I’m rolling with the term shit-head.

10. Ronnie from ‘Jersey Shore’– This guy is a walking caricature to begin with. Uses steroids when he does not even get paid for playing a sport, one of the most glaring signs of a little bitch.

Pauly D, and The Situation are caricatures too, but at least they’re cool about it. Vinny is just a faggot, but he knows that too. Ronnie, he thinks he’s some sort of alpha-male that everybody wants to be. ‘Nah bro, bro, nobody wants to be you bro. Pffstt. Bro.’

And my theory is you are who you date and Sammi is an all-time cunt.

9. Brett Michaels- VH1 is the main supplier of this list. The network just has an innate talent for finding shitheads.

Brett seems like a guy that will eat any type of pussy. Every time he’s on the road and corrals a groupie, regardless of the collection of bumps and ooze starring in his face, he’s going to chow like he was in the July 4th ‘Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.’ And everybody just looks and they’re like ‘ewww, what is he doing?’ But can’t look away because they can’t believe what’s happening.

Plus did you ever say to yourself, I want to hangout with Brett Michaels? This guy is such a turd.

8. Michael Felger- Boston sports radio personality who is from Milwaukee, so how could he make an educated evaluation on anything? He excels at oversimplifying things, and ignoring most of the facts to make his point in a way that would make Bill O’Reilly blush.

A typical radio personality that is a grandstanding, pompous freak who thinks he’s right all of the time. But in reality this is the same guy who said at the time Rajon Rondo was looking for an extension, was selfish blah, blah, blah, that thinks he is better than he is. Great analysis. He also often refers to Randy Moss as a dog even though the guy has managed to accumulate the statistics over his career to cement his NFL all-time greatness. A dog only because he does not the play the same style as receivers like Heines Ward, and Steve Smith.

Sometimes you just have to know what your good at, Randy Moss does and for the most part Felger does too. And that’s being an agitator on his broadcasts which also makes him a shit-head.

7. Terrell Owens– This dude has some real, genuine mental problems. It’s not that he’s just a bad locker room guy, that’s way to simple. There is actually something wrong with this guy for him to call his quarterback Jeff Garcia gay, say they would be undefeated if Brett Favre was the quarterback of the 2004 Eagles in the middle of the season, claiming his own teammates Tony Romo and Jason Witten were conspiring against him, and feel compelled to do a workout in front of the media after he was sent home by the Eagles organization.

It’s not because he can’t play the game why one single team won’t pick him up right now. It’s because under that chiseled physique is a man menstruating and taking his frustration out on those who threaten his spotlight. Just straight up female shit.

6. Ray J– You got to love this guy. Through all the bravado of a ‘love me or hate me’ persona, is someone willing to leave every female acquaintance with semen droplets so they can have their own kid.

Funny dude.

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