Somebody Sterilize Heidi before her and Spencer Reproduce

Somebody electrocute these motherfuckers. I’m no proponent of torture but if it’s to preserve the exposure to young and impressionable minds from these freaks I’ll call it a necessary evil.

I don’t even have an angle for this article, it’s just a rant. It’s actually a formal challenge to Spencer for a fight. You can look tough mouthing off to Bruce Jenner’s pussy son, but I swear to God I would stone this guy to death like he was convicted for being a witch.

And these bitches on the show let this kid run his mouth like he’s their pimp, man the fuck up and splash a wine glass of water in his face like the Basketball Wives would do. Heidi wouldn’t do shit, she lets this turd talk about her mother like her mom allowed her step-father molest her or something.

Heidi, you look like shit. For your sake you might be able to salvage yourself by assimilating into the transvestite community by saying you went from a man to a woman.

I don’t know. I like the show, I hate the fucking people on it. It’s fake as the cosmetic features of the cast, no way the circumstances that present themselves are pure coincidence. Kristin just shows up out of nowhere when LC leaves after having nothing to do with the people on the show? That was the work of the casting coordinator replacing one cunt with another.

When ever I need to tap into my emotion of hatred I turn this show on. Spencer me and you outside!

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