Examining the legend that is Tommy ‘Cheeseballs.’

Since summer is well underway, it would be a disservice to not reflect on MTV’s ‘True Life’ legend Tommy ‘Cheeseballs.’ What is more of a disservice is the fact that this man is not being honored by the cast of the ‘Jersey Shore,’ because without him there is no ‘Situation,’ or ‘Pauly D.’

It’s sort of like those years in the 60’s and 70’s where NFL legends like Jim Brown, Dick Butkus, and Deacon Jones were playing with low-salaries in the most violent sport. These guys paved the way for the contemporary players to make 8-digit salaries. And what do they get for it? A pile of drool because of all of the head trauma they had suffered, and a pension nowhere near enough to make a sustainable living.

There’s an essential duty of those who benefited from their elders to respect them. I don’t see that with the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast towards Tommy. There needs to be a shrine of him in plane sight, in the living room just like that duck phone they have. Matter of fact, I’m all for kicking Sammi, and Angelina off to put Tommy in the house, there’s really no need for those cunts to be frolicking around causing nothing but a disturbance to that part of the brain that can’t stand screeching noises.

Get this guy his own fucking show, even if he is probably 42, so he can stick his lumpy nose 6-inches from the camera and talk about his nights of falling in love with a girl cause she’s wearing a Kangol, or because her hair is pinned so far back that the top of her eye-lids are positioned where the forehead would naturally be making her look like a Joan Rivers mug shot.

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