Basketball Wives? These brouds ain’t married!

Now that VH1 is the home for the groundbreaking TV series that makes a stand for LGBT rights with ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ It’s no surprise the network that is such a beacon of hope and progress has given ‘Basketball Wives’ a newfound platform to say ‘We are here!’

Their message is simple, and it is to establish the fundamentals of extorting money from rich and famous athletes, in this case basketball players. And be equipped with the discipline it takes to put up with the infidelity long enough, until they establish some form of collateral, ideally a marriage, 99.7% of the time a child. And BOOM!!! Lottery Ticket!!!

Through the trials and tribulations these proud women deal with gossip about what size this guy is, ‘he has herpes,’ ‘he won’t take his shoes off,’ or ‘this player insists he blows his load on your face, and ‘the best way to preserve the semen to use when you ovulate is…’ These chicks also have their own signature move the same way Stone Cold Steve Austin had the ‘Stunner’ and that’s the ‘splash of water to the face in the middle of a nice restaurant.’ If they’re smart, they will patent this to make a profit, which I have no doubts they will.

Do you have to be the prettiest girl to bag a millionaire ball player?  Noooo, that’s what Sam Cassell, Eric Williams, Popeye Jones, and Kobe Bryant is for. Alls you have to do is know how to squeeze a dick, and allow the make up to make you appear a little above average. Plus nightclubs are usually dark, and that’s where these predators seek out the prey.

Like all reality TV series they’ll probably fade off into the sunset, create stereotypes, open the door for new concepts. But for me, this series is much more. It cannot be forgotten, this is progress, this is Rosa Parks sitting on the bus, this is the workers’ at the Chicago plant not leaving until Bank Of America gave them proper severances, this is Jonas Salk inventing the Polio vaccine. This must be remembered this is revolutionary.

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