Week 6 NFL Picks

This season is fucked up. It’s not like you can say I suck at picking games, I guess you can but whatever. 3 out of 14 correctly picked last week, I should probably just not even bother. Why do I even bother with this site anyway? I’ll tell you why, cause I’m a fucking sport aficionado, and my opinion on things is fucking gold. I don’t got to tell you, cause if you’re reading than you are rational person so you would already realize this. But I got to find a way to win the hearts and minds of all them dumb motherfuckers out there. How do I do that? I think I’m just to much of an intellectual to even appeal to the laymen. Guess I’m just going to have to be one of those guys that is subjected to a cult following instead of drawing in the masses.
Last Week (3-11)
Season (37-38)

Seattle @ Chicago (W)
– Jay Cutler returns from his head injury. Maybe he got some sense knocked into him on how to make an intelligent football play. Seattle pass defense sucks.
Miami @ Green Bay (W)
– Green Bay is too talented of a team to have a .500 record after a home game against a mediocre team.
San Diego (W) @ St. Louis
– How could it even be possible to pick the Chargers on the road at this point? Well, this season does not make sense, so in cases like that it is best to go against your intuition.
Baltimore @ New England (W)
– I love the idea that New England has had two weeks to prepare, while the Ravens are riding high off of the smoke blown up their asses. And also that their only reference for our offense goes back to the time when Lindsay Lohan’s worst facial feature were her sick freckles instead of the crusted coke that now surrounds the brim of her nostrils like salt does on a martini glass.
New Orleans (W) @ Tampa Bay
– I’m going to pass on the trendy underdog picks like I clung to last week. I can certainly see the Saints losing this game, they’re playing like shit right now. But Brees is will eliminate the turnovers that cost his team a game last week.
Detroit @ NY Giants (W)
– The Giants are playing great football right now, and with Calvin Johnson possibly out, I don’t like the Lions chances in New Jersey or wherever the fuck that stadium is now.
Atlanta (W) @ Philadelphia
– Not sold on Kevin Kolb’s ability to win a game against a quality team like the Falcons.
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (W)
– Big Ben is gonna rape the shit the Browns.
Kansas City (W) @ Houston
– I don’t trust Matt Schaub right now, but that Chief defense showed a lot of promise against the Colts.
Oakland @ San Francisco (W)
– I still think the 49ers win the NFC West. If I was in a survival pool (and I’d probably be out after last week), I’d pick the Niners. No way they go 0-6 at the hands of Oakland.
NY Jets @ Denver (W)
– I guess this is my one upset pick of the week. I trust McDaniels to come with a good enough scheme, and the Jets to have a letdown week.
Dallas (W) @ Minnesota
– Miles Austin is too sick right now. Just had to say that.
Indianapolis @ Washington (W)
– Peyton has to throw 350 for the Colts to win a road game against a team like this. He just might, but I’ll go with the chance that this is the Colts letdown year.
Tennessee (W) @ Jacksonville
– This is the Monday Night game, well I guess I can get a good night sleep then.

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