Week 2 NFL Picks

We won’t know who the contenders and the pretenders are until about Week 4. Week 2 is important for a team like the Jets who came in with so much expectations (self-induced), that if they were to start 0-2 they will be the laughing stock of the football world. The only thing that can be read from Week 2 is that the teams are one step closer to forming an identity for the season. It will be a test for the teams last week who played really well to do it again to prove they are a consistent football team, and they don’t just prey on the advantage of dominating a favorable matchup. Or that they can bounce back from a poor Week 1 performance to show that the front offices are not going to be focused more on the draft in the regular season, but rather a playoff push instead.

Last Week (10-5)

Week 2 Picks:

Arizona @ Atlanta (W)
-Arizona is the only one out of the two to win their road game last week, but the difference was they played St. Louis and Atlanta played Pittsburgh. Kurt Warner was more important to that Cardinals team than anyone the past few seasons, and it’s really going to show in a game like this. Atlanta cruises.

Baltimore (W) @ Cincinnati
-Based on what these two teams showed last week, Baltimore wins with no problem. Cincinnati though is not a push over and is certainly capable of beating a good football team. Despite being weak in the secondary right now, Baltimore still has the ability to keep Chad ‘Johnson’ from hurting them, and Terrell Owens is not good enough at this stage of his career to punish a team for too much attention payed towards one player. The run defense of the Bengals struggled against New England, which is only half the run offense of Baltimore’s. Cincinnati makes it a challenge, but B’More still wins by double digits.

Kansas City (W) @ Cleveland:
-The Chiefs are a legitimate team and last week was not a fluke. Cleveland is not a good team. It’s that plan and simple. Kansas City wins in a route.

Chicago @ Dallas (W)
-That Dallas offensive line was a big problem Sunday night, and it only allowed them to score 7 points and cost them a Week 1 win. Washington’s pass rush is a quality one, and Chicago is an unproven one. The O-Line should be able to hold up against the Bears, and have the offense put up at least 28.

Philadelphia (W) @ Detroit
-Michael Vick looks good enough to lead the Eagles to a quality season. Detroit is definitely coming along, but the loss of Matthew Stafford inhibits Calvin Johnson’s deep threat with Shaun Hill throwing him the ball.

Buffalo @ Green Bay (W)
-30-45 point victory for Green Bay. Depends whether they put the second string in for the second half.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee (W)
-As long as the Steelers are void of the rapist, they won’t put the fear of even the biggest bitches that play defense in the NFL. And no defense is good enough to stop Chris Johnson.

Miami @ Minnesota (W)
-Miami seems out of rhythm right now, and that is not good on the road against a playoff team.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (W)
-Tampa Bay is growing, and Carolina is pretty much digressing. They still have two running backs that have feasted on this team in the past. This week should be no different.

Seattle (W) @ Denver
-Denver is not a good football team. I thought the same for Seattle until they put a spanking on a San Fran team that had a lot of expectations. They are still a team that has a long ways to go, but they are better than Denver in Week 2.

St. Louis @ Oakland (W)
-I do think St. Louis is headed in the right direction, and Oakland is still way of course. I just don’t think Sam Bradford is good enough to win a game on the road against a good defense right now. Oakland wins one of their 5 this week.

New England (W) @ New York Jets
-The Pats defense looked great last week, and the Jets offense was atrocious. The type of offense the Patriots have is the kyrptonite for the Jets defense, because they have a QB that can analyze every defensive scheme there is, and they can beat you in multiple formations, and have a boat load of weapons. Something they didn’t have last year, even in the game they beat the Jets. New England is to good all-around to lose to the one-dimensional Jets. Pats win by three scores.

Jacksonville @ San Diego (W)
-San Diego is going to be the team this year that beats up on the bad ones when they get the chance, and lose every big game they play, just like last week. Chargers by a lot.

Houston (W) @ Washington
-Houston is a legitimate team, and while Washington is also good, they benefited from a poorly played game by Dallas. Houston is the better team, and they are especially better in Week 2, a time where the ‘Skins are still adjusting to the Shannahan regime.

New York Giants @ Indianapolis (W)
-Little Brother vs. Big Brother. It’s funny that I used the analogy of Houston being Indy’s little brother that just reached puberty while their big brother just got into opiates to rationalize the pick last week. Indy needs this game bad, and the way their offensive-line looked last week, along with the run defense, this one won’t come easy. I still think Manning pulls out one of his patented regular-season classics.

New Orleans @ San Francisco (W)
-49ers must of been all gassed up from the press clippings this past off-season, because Seattle humiliated them. Saints are going to be very competitive this season, but I feel like San Fran has been looking ahead to this game for a long time and will do a 180 from what they did last week.

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