Week 1 NFL Picks

A little late on these picks considering Saints-Vikings opened the season thursday night. I would of picked New Orleans anyway, seriously.

This maybe the last season of football for a while because after it, the owners will wrap their 3 Billion dollar worth dick around the players neck and demand every single facet they desire in the new collective bargaining agreement until the players will ever earn a paycheck again.

It’s hard to sympathize with guys making millions more dollars than you, but if the fans were in their position, they to would be reluctant to allow the owners to get every bit of advantage over them from extending an already long and grueling season, to cutting salaries and guaranteed dollars in a league that already offers the least financial security out of the major American sports.

Any stoppage of play is strictly on the owners, not the players.

Minnesota vs. New Orleans (W)
– I anticipate the Saints to get off to a hot start and march right down the field to make it appear as a long day for the Vikings. But after that, surprisingly enough the Saints can’t find that offensive rhythm they had all of last season and their first drive of this game. ‘Sota will hang in there, Favre will look OK, and Brad Childress for some reason will stop giving APete the ball, so they fail to pull off the road victory and fall short 14-9.

Miami (W) vs. Buffalo
– Buffalo is atrocious. Miami smothers them, and then everyone will start clamoring about how good Miami is now. No! The Bills just suck.

Detroit vs. Chicago (W)
– This is the difficulty with picking the first week because there is no semblance with what some of the teams have, and Detroit and Chicago are both in that predicament. For Detroit it’s Stafford’s second year, they have the magnificent Calvin Johnson, and Suh is a marquee talent. For Chicago they have a couple of pieces in the right place, and they were very active in free agency. These two teams could go either way this season. When in doubt, pick the home team.

Oakland vs. Tennessee (W)
– No defense is good enough to stop Chris Johnson, and offensively Oakland needs to put up at least 24. Won’t happen.

Cincinatti vs. New England (W)
– Bengals are fool’s gold, and the Patriots are the gold standard.

Carolina vs. NY Giants (W)
– Pretty tough call again. Comes down to me not trusting Matt Moore on the road.

Atlanta (W) vs. Pittsburgh
– Atlanta was atrocious in pass defense last season, but with Dennis Dixon at quarterback for Pittsburgh he does not have the talent to exploit that.

Cleveland (W) vs. Tampa Bay
– Oh god… Jerome Harrison seems to leave dodo marks all over shitty run defenses.

Denver vs. Jacksonville (W)
– Two potentially bad teams. MJD is the best player on the field by a lot, and that will make the difference.

Indianapolis vs. Houston (W)
– Houston seems like they can never pull it out against Indy. This year they have no choice. With a brutal schedule in the first quarter of the season, this game is as much of a ‘must-win’ than a week 1 game could ever be.

Arizona vs. St. Louis (W)
– Kurt Warner is a huge lose for the Cardinals. St. Louie in an upset.

Green Bay (W) vs. Philladelphia
– Biggest mismatch this week.

San Francisco (W) vs. Seattle
– Seattle has a lot of growing up to do.

Dallas (W) vs. Washington
– McNabb’s health is questionable right now, and Haynesworthless is a slob.

Baltimore (W) vs. NY Jets
– B’More’s D might score 3 TD’s.

San Diego vs. Kansas City (W)
– This game is on fucking late! 10:15? Damn! What we have here is San Diego, the team that will be the biggest disappointment for 2010, and KC, the biggest surprise for 2010.

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