Rondo is the best point guard in the league, period.

In the midst of the Celtics playoff run that has positioned them for the chance to regain the NBA Championship. Rajon Rondo has emerged NATIONALLY as a superstar. For some reason some feel that it is worth exploring trading Rondo for the number 1 pick to draft John Wall.

At least they entertained the idea on the ‘Scott Van Pelt Show’ where Ryen Russilo added ‘…maybe not this years number 1, but a couple of years ago.’ Are you kidding me? Rondo hasn’t proven last year that he was a franchise player in his performance in the playoffs, averaging a triple-double against the player he was matched up with, Derrick Rose who Russilo was referring too when he made that comment?

He hasn’t proven this year with his monster triple-double in game 4 against Cleveland that he is indispensible to a Celtic team that looks as a good as any team has ever looked in the history of the NBA right now? I know it’s the job of guys in radio, and other avenues of sports media to promote discussion. But seriously, would the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and New Orleans Saints even CONSIDER trading their quarterbacks, especially for an unproven player such as Sam Bradford? Fucks NEVER! Rondo is at that point right now, he is the best point guard in the league, and if he stays on the pace he is at now he joins the company of Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson, John Stockton, and Zan Tabak in the pantheon of great point guards.

Right now the league is at a premium for point guards. It’s not like your competing to be the ‘hottest girl’ in West Virginia where the talent pool consists of girls with missing teeth, or ones’ who get wet over McDonalds apple pies. Chris Paul probably had one of the greatest all-time seasons for an NBA player in 2007. Deron Williams is also a force. There’s also two up and coming studs in Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, and of course the already Hall of Famer Steve Nash. That’s not even mentioning Tony Parker-Longoria, or Chauncey Billups who are decorated point guards in this league with Finals MVP hardware.

Saying Rondo is the best out of all of them is not just some trendy, non-conformist approach the same way eye-liner wearing freaks in high school distance themselves from the popular bands and cling on to some no-name, disgusting looking punk band just to be different. Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA.

More often when the discussion of who is the best arises, mostly Paul, Williams, or Nash get the accolades. In a regular season ABC broadcast Mark Jackson declared his top 6 point guards in the league without mentioning Rondo.

For three years now the Celtics have been one of the two top teams in the league and the last two Rondo has been there best player. The knock on him is his shooting ability. But he creates the opportunities on offense for that team to score, it does not matter what NBA players you plug in for him, he will create space throughout the floor and get them open shots whether he’s playing with Kevin Garnett or Glen Davis. He does that better than anyone in the league, which is what the job entails for a point guard. Not shooting. Coaches try to scheme against his shot by playing off of him, he still gets to any spot on the floor he wants to, so the flaw so many people point to is really a non-factor.

And nobody at any position in this league gets more possessions for his team either through rebounding, steals, deflections, or hustle plays, like the one that put Jason Williams in a hizzy.

His game is un-orthodox; he is unlike any NBA player you have seen before but get used to him because as long as he has a good collection of players that complement his game (just like every superstar needs to win) you will see him play at the end of May, and in to June for years to come.

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