NFL won’t sign Tony Washington for having sex with his sister

Tony Washington seems like a good kid, and a hard worker. The mistake he made of having sex with his sister has ultimately cost him a chance to make an NFL living. Even though incest is the most grotesque consensual sexual act, along with using fecal matter in a bout of four-play, it still doesn’t make him a bad guy.

Even though Tony Washington is not a bad guy, and there are plenty of guys in the NFL who are, I still fully understand why no team will ever sign this guy just for that incident with his sister. NFL locker rooms would have a field-day with this guy. They would torture him. No matter how much more money he would make, he’s better off evading the abuse he would get in one training camp.

Let’s just imagined the Jets signed him and he was on ‘Hard Knocks.’ We see up close and personal the torment Tony Washington would go through. I’ll leave the creative ideas of the extent of the torment up to you, but guaranteed at the end of the episode you would see a silhouette of a gigantic man, hanging from a noose. Sad, but true.

This is sort of like ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in the military. Functionally there is nothing that deems Tony Washington incapable of playing in the NFL, whether it be his talent, or off-the-field-conduct. Just like a gay man in the military is not barred for his poor performance, or health. These different regimes have to much at stake to be diverting from their goals with a distraction such as this one. Face it, with country hillbillies from the south, who make up a large majority of the military, how do you think they’ll react to the a guy showering with them who has a full-fledged stem?

Whether it is unfair, or not, it is what it is, and there’s not much you can do about it.

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