Most Hated (Current) Athletes, 25-11…

This list is again, pretty subjective. A bit of a combination between, what most people feel, and the overriding executive power that I possess over this list. Some people would say Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Tom Brady belong on here. I would say, are you fucking crazy?

25. Manny Pacquiao– I’m holding him accountable for not allowing us to see Floyd Mayweather beat the bag out of him, like he does to everyone he faces. Other than that, there’s really not much to hate about the guy, but if his defense for not drug testing is because he doesn’t like needles, then what’s up with all them tats?

24. Matthew Cooke– I’m not the most knowledgeable hockey guy, and I can’t say I follow it attentively, but there is nothing I despise more than pussies who strategically lay cheap hits on players, and worse are those who are to timid to square up in a real fight.

23. Lance Armstrong– With the combination of steroids and testicular cancer they should call him Lance Ballsweak.

22. A.J Pierzynski– Borderline irrelevant, but for the most part you want to punch this guy for the face he has, and the way he acts.

21. Chinese Girls Olympic Gymnastic Team– Nobody likes cheaters, especially cheaters who beat the US to win gold when they cheated.

20. Hank Baskett– The only episode I ever seen of ‘Kendra’ was when Hank Baskett was trying to defend himself over the lost onside kick, saying he had it, implying that the Saints unfairly took it from him in the pile. Well Hank, this picture of that play says you’re a liar.

19. Lamar Odom– Just for marrying the ‘eye-(what’s the opposite of candy?)’ Khloe Kardashian.

18. Nascar Drivers (All of them)– Just for thinking that driving a car is a sport. Stop wasting ESPN time.

17. Soccer Players (All of them)– When a sport includes the strategy of faking an injury to run off time, that sport is filled with a bunch of pussies.

16. Adalius Thomas– Bank robbers are more ethical than this cat when it comes to stealing money. At least they put effort into what they do.

15. Tim Tebow– It may be a flaw on my part that I don’t like this guy, because he isn’t shady like all of the guys on this list. It’s just that the grandstanding, and the image conscientiousness is intolerable, for a guy who, even though is a great competitor, gets way more credit than he deserves. A lot of the blame goes towards the media, but this guy most definitely welcomes attention in a way that would make a public relations consultant spill his/her genital discharge.

14. Phil Mickelson– I guess everybody in the PGA hates this guy.

13. Pau Gasol– Nobody likes a whiner. Everyone hates a whiner who looks like a llama, that gets away with an ‘up & down’ at the most crucial point in the game.

12. Albert Haynesworth– This guy takes $20 million and threatens to not go to camp, and when he does, he is out of shape. He’s also a dirty player who stomped Cowboys center Andre Gurode in the head, while his helmet was off.

11. Matt Barnes– It’s kind of hard to hate a player who sucks. But when that player is on ‘Basketball Wives,’ and his wife is the annoying bitch, that more than compensates for his lack of talent in the NBA.

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