Most charismatic people of all-time, 5-1

5. Michael Jordan– Jordan is a bastard. He really is one of the most diabolical pricks of all-time. If this guy was a politician, he’d be Dick Cheney. If he was a business tycoon (He kind of is), he’d be Donald Trump. If he was part of theology he would be Lucifer. But he just plays basketball, and in sports that attitude is an asset.

Most people see Jordan’s personality as the fun loving guy in all of the commercials. They also see him as one of the greatest athletes ever. There were stars before him, but Jordan was the first real superstar who had his own brand. Every kid growing up from 1985-1998 wanted to be Michael Jordan. He is on his own plateau as far as superstar athletes go. Some, like the likes of Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and LeBron James have flirted with that plateau, but at the end of the day Jordan was at an entirely different level.

4. Martin Luther King Jr.– This list is full of great speakers, but King might be the greatest of them all for his ability to be articulate, passionate, and brilliant, and inspire millions of people.

There is not a more admirable trait than someone who has no fear, and King was the quintessential example of being fearless. He, along with Malcolm X, knew they were going to die, but they felt that their mission was bigger than themselves.

King is more than just the charisma he displayed, this guy was truly one of the greatest Americans of all-time.

3. John F. Kennedy– I expressed how the decisions to be made by American presidents keeps them from being a truly righteous person. JFK did have his shortcomings including the disaster that was the ‘Bay of Pigs,’ and the order to be active in Vietnam.

At the end of the day JFK primarily looked out for the interest of the people, and the people loved him for it. Whites, blacks, latinos, asians, they all loved him. Even though he grew up being damn near royalty, he still was one of the most ‘down to earth’ people that held such a high stature, with an attitude everyone can relate to but at the same time stood in awe of his presence.

2. Denzel Washington– Nobody is cooler than this dude. Nobody.

Aside from being one of the greatest actors of all-time, this man’s acting is overshadowed by his charisma. Don’t get me wrong, Denzel is a great fucking actor, but Tom Hanks, and Robert De Niro are more versatile in the roles they can play, so overall they are the better actors. What is holding Denzel back from being as versatile as those guys, is that he is just too damn cool to play the roles where the character is a vulnerable human-being. Every movie Denzel plays in you’re thinking, ‘That motherfucker is cool.’

1. Jesus Christ/The Prophet Muhammad- Who has more of a following than these guys? You talk to a Jesus follower, they have nothing but good things to say about the guy. They’ll even condemn you to hell if you disagree with his capabilities of ‘saving.’ You talk to a muslim, they’ll fucking kill you if you don’t play your cards right when discussing Mo.

The trump card that these guys have over every other member on this list, is that they’ve been doing it for millenniums. These other guys? Like 3, 4 years at their peak, a few of them for a couple of decades, but nothing of the precedence that these guys set. I know what you’re thinking, Jesus has a 600 year edge. But Mo makes up for that lost time with a larger following, and the fact that he is one of the world’s largest producers in bombs.

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