Most charismatic people of all-time, 25-11.

Charisma is the ‘it’ factor certain people have. It makes guys want to be them, and girls want to be with them. Not many females on here, sorry ladies, but I can’t really relate to your shit; It’s even bothersome sometimes. I’m sure you feel the same way about us. And the list is pretty subjective; Some people would have Ronald Reagan on here, but the guy is a straight up herb. No way that fucker should of got elected considering he was a lame-o, and he had fucked up policies.

25. Jim Jones– A tyrant yes, but it takes a certain amount of charisma to get over 900 people (most were forced to do it) to kill themselves.

24. Gus Johnson– This guy could give commentary on ‘Octomom’s’ labor and I would still watch.

23. Jay-Z– It’s not his looks that helped him bag Beyonce.

22. Princess Diana– She was beautiful, and she used to roam through mine-fields.

21. Christopher Walken– This guy has the coolest voice of all time.

20. Eddie Murphy– His work in the 80’s has made him one of the baddest motherfuckers of all-time.

19. Bill Clinton– When a guy with his stature is talking to the whole world about a blow-job, then he got some serious cache.

18. Magic Johnson– Represents everything I hate about life, the Lakers, and AIDS. But I still love the guy.

17. Leonardo DiCaprio– After playing a retarded person, heroin addict, the little bitch in ‘Titantic,’ and the faggot in ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ this guy has overcome all of that and has become one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood.

16. Huey P. Newton– He made the revolution cool. I wanted to join the revolution because of Huey

15. Hulk Hogan– Nothing captivated an audience like ‘Hulkamania’ did. Truly had the 80’s, and early 90’s by the balls. Bit of a turd nowadays, but the only way you could say that then, is if it was opposite day.

14. Robert DeNiro– This guy must get invited to so many places, and have so many girls flash their claims to him.

13. Michael Irvin– Generally athletes are lame as hell, but when Michael talks you will listen.

12. Billy Ghraham– This guy could used to tell fake stories and fill up the ‘Rose Bowl.’

11. Prince– You already know what the deal is with Prince.

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