Most charismatic people of all-time, 10-6

10. Elvis Presley– One of the criteria for charisma is the ability to corral girls in bed. Somehow that loser Mystery from the VH1 show, ‘The Pick Up Artist’ gets women, but definitely in a non-charismatic way. If I had a daughter who had sex with that dude I would disown her for good. Another non-charismatic way of accumulating bed-company, is if you have money. It doesn’t even matter if you look like this guy, you’re still getting ass. And again, I’m not trying to be sexist ladies, but 2+2=4.

Even though the King was rich and famous, he still kept more lower-halves wet than swimming pools, just from his music and ‘honky-tonk’ style. Charismatic guys are innovators, and creators of a new-found style that hits the mainstream like a motherfucker. Elvis did that.

9. Muhammad Ali- ‘Im a badddd man!’ Straight from the mouth of one of the slickest dudes, but fiercest athletes. This man had the balls to look a racist country in the face and say he was not going to war because no Vietcong ever called him a nigger. He did what he wanted, and did what he needed because he thought it was right. Huey Newton was another example of this, and there are a couple of other examples coming up.

8. Barack Obama– He is not one of those examples I was talking about, but I bet this dude could of got any piece of tail on the night of November 4, 2008, and the boyfriend, husband, father,or whoever would of been proud that their ______ , was getting a presidential-humping.

You know how white people are with their backdoor racist comments. For there to be a black president, that guy would have to make white people forget what happened in the O.J trial and release every bit of resentment they had from the verdict. And if that resentment could be quantified, it would be by the amount of cellulite on Kirstie Alliey’s elbows. But Obama did it. With a slick, and composed attitude telling the whole country that he was about to be the next FDR.

Sidenote: I don’t think Obama’s a bad president. What people have to understand is that the president is confined to the will of the corporatocracy. They call the shots, and they have for a long time. I could write a whole article about this and maybe I will, but the last president that tried to impose his will for the betterment of the country, he got popped. Notice I said for the betterment, Mr. W.

7. Jack Nicholson– I have so much vitriol for the Lakers, I really do. Jack though is one cool dude. When most people say ‘they don’t give a fuck’ 9 times out of 10 they do. If you really don’t give a fuck you would probably resort to life the same way Ted Kacynski did before he became the ‘uni-bomber’ as he bunkered in the mountains of Montana (or wherever), where there are no girls to give a fuck, and he is also not concerning himself with society so he doesn’t give a fuck about that either.

But Jack does not give a fuck in the way that all those other guys aspire to not give a fuck. This guy is breezing through life like it’s just for fun. I bet you sometimes he just jerks a load in a room full of hot broads just to not give a fuck.

6. Malcolm X– A very polarizing figure that was a strong enough leader to invoke ambition into people to learn, and stand up for themselves, and an important cause.

As a white person myself, it may seem as if I don’t have a stake in what Malcolm stood for. But the fact is oppression and tyranny is a forever constant in one form or another, and whether you belong to the creed being oppressed or not, is, and should be irrelevant.

Malcolm was a remarkable human-being who went from being a pimp/thief/convict, to being one of the most influential men ever, as an eloquent and inspirational speaker, and a brash revolutionary leader. He deserves more respect than he has been giving, but there is a common misrepresentation of what this man actually was.

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