Lebron is a punk-bitch

The audacity of Lebron. Cleveland got more fucked-over than all the girls whoever took it doggy-style, combined. By this one man.

Lebron saying he will be heading to South Beach this fall, caused more distraught than if the whole city of Cleveland just found out they have AIDS.

Him trying to campaign his loyalty, ‘With all that he has done for the city,’ after committing the most disloyal act a homegrown player could do, was like the time Whitney Houston said, ‘Crack is cheap! I don’t do crack!‘ In an attempt to downplay her drug use.

Matter of fact, if the salaries were not configured the way they were in the NBA, and the incentive of more money for staying with the team that drafted you after the first contract isn’t weighted more towards that team, then this dude is gone after 3, or 4 years.

I already talked about the lose-lose situation Lebron got himself into, but let’s analyze this from a basketball standpoint even more. Wade and ‘Bron are almost identical players, except Lebron is bigger and a better passer. These are not guys who complement other guys, they are the ones to be complimented. They will clash. I don’t mean Shaq and Kobe, ‘I’m the superstar’ clash, I mean on the court (not verbal) clashing, where one of them cannot tap into their strengths while the other is doing so. It’s essentially like having two lottery tickets, but you’re only allowed to use one of them.

Just take a look at every USA team the past 3 Olympics. Sure the US won the gold, but they almost lost to Spain who had a 17 year-old point guard (Ricky Rubio). That’s because Wade, Lebron, and Kobe did not effectively compliment each other, and neither did the other superstars on that team.

If a team has a Wade, or a Lebron, or Kobe, or Durant then they are playing with house money, and is primed for a championship as long as the complimentary pieces are in place. But if a team has both guys on one team, then they bit off a little more than they can chew.

A basketball team is essentially divided into certain roles each player needs to fulfill. Yes Lebron, and Wade cannot be covered one-one, and yes it is possible this team runs through the regular-season and wins 68 games, because either ‘Bron, Wade, or Bosh could go off for 30 on a given night. But the fact is they do not have a shooter to extend the floor, or a gritty defensive/rebounding dog. When they play a great defense in a 7-game series, their predictability will be the death of them.

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