Joey Crawford takes it out on the Celtics for having a midget dick.

What will Doc Rivers get fined for mentioning how bad Joey Crawford, Eddie F. Rush, and Tom Washington are? 100k? 200k? Seriously. Everybody knows David’s trick of fixing games in the playoffs to get extra ones for TV revenue. But to make it this obvious, I mean right from the get-go where they called KG for swatting at a ball in the air without touching a player. Then Rondo getting called after Jameer Nelson’s out-of-control spin move. Davis, Wallace, Rondo, Garnett each had two fouls before Stan Van Gundy’s pit stains kicked in. 

Then shit just went WWF. I thought I was watching Shane McMahon in a guest referee match pulling out all of the stops to fulfill his winning interest. Those technicals on Perkins and Rondo reminded me of the time a lady whacked me with her duffle bag for no reason at the T station, because it was unprovoked and I’m still trying to figure out what the fuck happened?

Pundits will claim every city thinks the leagues are out to get them. Sorry but you need a more compelling argument than that to convince me why Orlando has the luxury of receiving free throws with any bit of contact and why Boston is shoveling up their guys off the ground just trying to recuperate in time for Game 6?

I expect much of the same friday night, hopefully the Celtics will overcome it much like they did in the Cleveland series.

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