Most Hated (Current) Athletes, 5-1…

5. Brett Favre– What can I say about Brett that I already haven’t. If you think Tebow is good when it comes to the art of garnering media attention, Favre is the Sun Tzu of it. He is such a wondrous master of the art, he has others like Steve Mariucci, to portray him as someone who hates the attention, and he just wants to be left alone to live life as a ‘good ol’ boy.’

Favre put his time in no doubt, and his games streak is amazing, but being hated does not mean you’re not an accomplished athlete, if you haven’t noticed already.

4. Ben Roethlisberger– Just a straight up bufoon. If this guy was 3 inches shorter, threw 10 yards less, and was a step slower, he would be at bars raping chicks. Well, nevermind.

Thank god chicks dig guys with money, because if they didn’t Big Ben would have to resort to raping them. Oh shit, nevermind again.

At least he’s got an entourage willing to be accessories to rape and disallow an appropriate investigation. Otherwise, he’s suspended for 16 games instead of 4, and there are more worried daddies out there because Ben’s got nothing else to do.

3. Kobe Bryant– The top three could go any which way to be honest. Kobe is just a miserable prick who likes to sell out teammates on-the-court, for yelling at them for shots he felt they shouldn’t have taken, and off-the-court like when he told the police in Colorado that he should of payed the girl (That he fucked in the ass) to keep quiet like Shaq always would. He still conscientiously tries to look like a good teammate, and he tries to sell himself as an athlete with ‘street cred’ even though he is one of the league’s only ‘silver spoons.’ He’s pretty much a basketball droid, which has worked out pretty well for him, but not enough to be as good as MJ, who still managed to keep a personality (Even though Michael had the personality of an asshole.)

2. Peyton Manning– My love for Tom Brady has created a correlation between my hate for Peyton Manning. Brady has done everything Peyton hasn’t, still somehow Manning is viewed as the better quarterback? Save the MVP awards too, that shit is just a popularity contest. ‘Brady doesn’t do all of the hand signals like Manning does before the play.’ Oh shut the fuck up! How does that shit work for him in the playoffs with his 9-9 record? And then he has the nerve to blame his line, like he did after the playoff lose in ’05 to the Steelers. Peyton wants the credit for carrying the team, but when his team folds in the playoffs he never steps up and says ‘my bad.’ Just watch the video linked to his name, just a terrible teammate.

Plus he likes to ‘teabag’ harmless athletic trainers at the Univ. of Tennessee, and he always promotes himself as a team guy and ‘football first,’ but has never taken less than a max contract, and he has pretty much never turned down a commercial.

1. Lebron James– Lebron managed this spot just from the one drastic ‘decision’ he made this summer. Lebron is not a ‘wet blanket’ like Kobe, and my favorite team (Celtics) owns him, so how does he become more hated than Kobe? Well, even though loyalty and business do not, and should not coincide, betrayal sticks out like a diddlers pole at a playground. It’s not that Lebron was disloyal that everybody outside of Florida hated about his ‘decision,’ it was the circus he created before he left his hometown, just to say he will no longer be a member of the team, and city that worshiped him for 7 years.

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