Davis Stern = Dick-tator – Terrible NBA Commissioner

Most critics would point to the ‘thuggish’ mentality of NBA players that constitutes everything wrong with the league.  Falser than Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. David Stern is the problem with this league. He is more concerned with the presentation of his product for advertisers, and business partners rather than the quality of the league, integrity for the game, and respect for the players.

The Celtics and Magic have three solid days off between Game 2 and Saturday’s Game 3. Why? Most likely has to do with coinciding to the favor of network TV schedules. Not the worst thing in the world, however this embodies everything David Stern and the NBA is about.

Their only concern is profit, which in turn makes the initiative to prioritize image, which compromises and has compromised the quality of the game. The most glaring example is the overhaul in physical play Stern demanded to be reformed in the aftermath of the brawl between the Pacers and Piston fans.

In game 3 of the Cavs-Celts series Kendrick Perkins gave Lebron James a slight body check to keep him from scoring (and he still almost did) and was whistled for a flagrant foul. The call was not an abnormality either; in fact most refs probably would have called it. Before Stern put his ‘soccer-mom’ instincts on this league, a coach would of benched a player for not doing what Perkins did.

As bad as the refs are, and they are awful. Even hinting a seed of criticism towards the officials is treated more blasphemes than running through airport security saying you have a bomb. Newsflash buddy, not too long ago your league was involved in the biggest sports scandal in professional sports history, in which you went on a campaign to paint Tim Donaghy as a ‘rogue’ participant.

Stern is a weasel, maybe he was socially deprived some way in high school so now he is trying to use his executive might to indicate to everyone that he is the omnipotent presence of such a high-profile brand. If he were working in another industry, maybe for the RMV as a driving inspector he’d probably fail most applicants on an ambiguous technicality just because he likes to consider himself the same way Snooki does which is wayyy more important than his actual worth.. He cost Phoenix a championship by suspending Amare Stoudamire, and Boris Diaw in a pivotal Western Conference final game, just for looking out for a teammate who had just been assaulted.

As he entertains the idea of expanding the league to Europe, and make his players susceptible to culture shock, when the league needs contraction not expansion. It only reinforces the idea that this guy is only concerned about a buck that would make Gordon Gecko, and the board of trustees at Goldman Sachs initiate him into their fraternity with sadistic homoerotic rituals, that have to do with the male genitalia that most frats (including ones in college) are so giddy for.

NBA players who like Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne, and do not completely detach themselves from the neighborhoods they are FROM, is not what is wrong with the NBA. David Stern’s ego, and dictator ways is what is turning the sport of basketball into a joke, and the sad thing is I think Roger Goodell is taking notes.

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