Boycott the NBA and its egregious practice of fixing championships.

Congrats LA, you are the ‘Stern Appointed NBA Champions’ of the 2010 season. For Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson’s sake it’s a good thing you were because those guys might of put one side of their face on a hot plate with an iron pressing down on the other side while they are sucking the flame end of a ‘Bunsen Burner’ like it’s a dick. Man do those guys love them some Kobe, even a 6-24 Kobe.

Ray Allen’s offense was atrocious, and the Celtics didn’t eliminate second chances. But you know what, LA shot terrible, awful. So bad the Celtics were actually the better team all night. Who bailed them out? Kobe? No. Gasol? Not really. Odom? Hell no. Artest? A little. The refs? You bet your ‘Donaghy Dollar.’ My god what a display of how the NBA is fixed. 37-17 free throw disparity, and 23 in the fourth. And don’t give me the bull about the more aggressive team gets the calls, any time the Lakers initiated contact they received the foul call. It was a joke.

Cool you got Kobe his 5th, but I won’t let the revisionist history parade all over that accomplishment. Fucking Robert Horry has 6. When you say a player has a ring, i.e Jordan has 6, you mean that guy was the alpha-dog of the team and there is no way they would win it without him. When LA won three with Shaq, you could of replaced Kobe with any quality wing in the league at the time, Paul Pierce, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, LA still wins three. Last year they beat a shitty Magic team, and this one he shot 6-24 and his team got 37 free throws to the Celtics 17 to squeak out a 4-point Stern appointed win. So Kobe, you got half-a-ring as the alpha-dog.

Great season Celtics, you guys played through adversity throughout the year, and should always be remembered as a tough-nosed group of guys that don’t quit.

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