10 Headlines from this weekend of football

10. Denard Robinson is on pace for the greatest single-season by a college football player:

When a quarterback has over 440 yards passing for the first two games of the season, that’s pretty good. But to rush for 197 yards in one game, and 258 the next to go with those passing totals, is just insane. Granted it’s two games and we won’t know if he’s the real deal until he gets into the meat of the Big Ten schedule. But for now, hats off to him.

9. Michael Vick emerges back into our football related conscience:

After Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion, Vick stepped in and looked incredible. Vick threw for 175 yards, and ran for 103 in an effort that brought the Eagles back into the game against the Packers that they would eventually lose 27-20.

Andy Reid came out and said that if Kevin Kolb is healthy he will be the starter. This could be Reid just trying to save face by protecting the confidence of his young quarterback by still delegating him to the role as the franchise quarterback, while Reid intends to roll with Vick for as long as he played like he did yesterday. Otherwise it would be foolish on Reid’s part because Vick looked like a top 10 NFL quarterback yesterday.

8. Ohio St. strengthens their resume for the National Championship election:

Ohio St. beat a formidable Miami opponent comfortably, with good balance on both sides of the ball, save the special teams. With Terrelle Pryor’s performance, it looks like for the remainder of the season he will render defensive coordinators helpless because of the dual threat he is. For the ‘Canes it pretty much dashes their title hopes, but they are still a favorable contender for the ACC title and a BCS birth. For Ohio St., their poll ratings are certainly sky rocketing, even though they have strong control over the east coast electorate, it’s still tough for them to gain control over the ‘red states,’ and also out on the west coast now that Oregon is making themselves a strong candidate. We shall see if the Buckeyes can maintain their poll position, or a darkhorse gains popularity to win over the voters come election time.

7. Arian Foster and the Texans introduce the Colts to the ‘Super Bowl Hangover’:

In this millennium the only teams to make the playoffs after being the Super Bowl runner-up are NFC West representatives Arizona and Seattle. And that’s not a testament to those teams, that’s an indication of what a shit division they play in.

The question for the Colts for the 2010 season is can they evade the dreaded ‘Super Bowl Hangover?’ Houston has always been the little brother to Indy that always came with a new trick, but could never seal the deal. Now it’s about that time where Houston is growing out of their pre-pubescence and developing that hormonal strength, while their older brother Indy, is getting into opiates.

6. James Madison beats VT, and the voters take it out on Boise St:

1-AA James Madison beat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg in a pile of goop. So Va. Tech is 0-2 for the first time in 15 years yadayadayada.

But I’m a big picture kind of guy if you haven’t noticed yet. College football is flooded with irrationality, and for Boise St. their 33-30 win in Week 1 over Virginia Tech no longer holds the weight it did before saturday. However, whoever watched that game would tell you that it was two great football teams that played valiantly. Unfortunately for Virginia Tech they overlooked JMU and got bit in the ass for it. The only people who feel that this loss hurts Boise is those who get their information about football on paper, and not from actually watching the games.

5. Wes Welker defies modern medicine:

The time table for ACL-MCL surgery is about 9 months. To compete at the NFL level it’s about a year. To do it at receiver, a position that relies heavily on explosive cuts, give or take 15 months. Welker was participating in OTA’s after three months from his surgery, he participated in the bulk of training camp, took a hard hit on the first couple plays in the Atlanta preseason game, and now he’s scoring touchdowns in regular season games. Magic Johnson would die for Welker’s white blood cells.

4. NBA refs make special guest appearances in the NFL:

Detroit got screwed. The rule states that the player needs to maintain control even while hitting the ground. How does that apply to Calvin Johnson who maintained possession throughout, then took three steps, put his elbow on the ground, then finally placed the ball on the ground to push himself up to celebrate? Then in the Cardinals-Rams game, Cards’ had possession under two minutes to go and Tim Hightower was tackled, and the arm he was carrying the ball slammed off the turf and jarred the ball loose. Even after a review the refs determined it was a fumble to give St. Louis the opportunity to put together a game winning drive to keep things interesting (Came up short), just like in the NBA when the team up 3-2 in a playoff series gets about 25 less free throws than the other team.

3. Superstars born:

NFL stars are born every year within the first few weeks.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Arian Foster this pre-season, and he did nothing but live up to it with 231 yards rushing and 3 TD’s. Hakeem Nicks also had 3 TD’s, and Clay Matthews was an absolute beast hounding Kevin Kolb, and even the elusive Michael Vick all game. Patrick Chung is a heat seeking missile, and rookie left tackle Trent Williams is already looking like an all-pro.

2. Randy Moss and his desire for financial security-Logan Mankins and his principles:

After an impressive 38-24 victory, putting the spotlight on you and your contract situation is seemingly taboo. Guys like Brady and Welker would not go about it that way for sure, but they are a standard of character in the 100th percentile.

In the press conference Moss made it clear that he is all in this year, he gets accused for not trying if he ends up with only 30 yards receiving. Once that happens this year the media will be saying he’s pissed about not having a contract and is quitting on the team. So this was a bit of a referendum that he is going to perform.

The only reason I believe, Moss is speaking out is because the Patriots front office is not negotiating a contract to retain him in the future. Maybe they view Moss as expendable, and in an attempt to make himself indispensable Moss has issued an ultimatum to call their bluff, that he would prefer the financial security over playing out his contract, which is uncommon in the NFL after a player has proven his worth which Moss has done.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that a refusal of a public apology by Logan Mankins has halted the $57 million deal the two parties had in place. Robert Kraft denies, and Mankins hasn’t addressed it. If it went down as it was reported, it’s foolish on both parts but more so on Logan’s because he got what he was bargaining for and to back out, out of principal is retarded. This however, seems more complicated than it actually is.

As a Patriots fan, you don’t want to see Moss or Mankins taking the approach he did by making it about them and diverting from the mission, at any point in the season. But the fact is for Moss, regardless if they won by 30 points or 1 point that is not the determinant of the most opportune time to do what he did. The week in which he did it is the determinant, and Week 1 is better than Week 2, 3, 10, 16, because it’s going to be an afterthought once the Patriots hit stride.

1. Patriots back to elite status:

Bitches in the media and ignorant fans like to nit pick about the Patriots letting the Bengals score 21 second-half points. Give me a break. Those were garbage points when the team called off the dogs, and the game was never at any point in doubt. Offense, defense and special teams all showed promise against a team that went 10-6 last year.

Offensively how do you defend this team, they have the most versatility I have ever seen in an NFL team, that are at the very least competent in every facet on that side of the ball from the big play threat, to the run game, short yardage situations, red-zone, blocking, depth, everywhere is seemingly in place to put up 35 a game.

The defense is fast and explosive. It would be foolish not to anticipate lapses during the season with the youth they have, but the speed they play with has been absent from a Bill Belichick coached defense since their last Super Bowl victory.

Special teams was also a weakness for the last couple seasons, and yesterday the kick coverage was spectacular, Brandon Tate is a touchdown threat, alls that is needed now is for Gostkowski to get his shit together.

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