10 Headlines from this weekend of football

10. Deion Branch is back where he made his name:

The acquisition of Branch from Seattle for a 4th round pick signifies the change in offensive philosophy, as if the Moss trade didn’t already. Branch is now one of the two receivers on the Patriots roster who can line up on the outside along with Brandon Tate. We may be 5 years removed from Branch’s glory years with this organization, but I see no reason why he cannot be an effective pass catching option for Brady along with the other targets on this team.

9. ESPN projects Boise St. as the top-ranked team in the BCS:

With 8 weeks of college football left to play it’s not like this really matters right now.

8. LeSean McCoy is s-o-f-T, SOFT!:

With San Francisco needing to hold Philly to a three and out, on a 2nd and 13 play McCoy took a swing pass upfield and reached a point where he had 2 more yards to gain for a first down and seal the game. Instead of lowering his shoulder into the two Niner defenders who did not have the leverage stop him, McCoy took a dive and avoided all contact. Luckily for McCoy the Eagles held on or he would be getting a lot of shit in all directions.

7. UNC dismisses Marvin Austin, and suspends Robert Quinn and Greg Little:

Tough to be a Tar Heel pigskin fan right now. Coming into the season they have the most talented defense in football, with three NFL first-round talents. Instead of this talent being realized, these boneheads are going to have to rely on the combine to get their draft cash.

6. Randy Moss returns to ‘Sota as a Viking, and Favre takes the dive in New York:

Whoa! Didn’t see this one coming. Favre, two minutes to go, down three. What happens? Well before the pick, he overthrew an ever so wide-open Percy Harvin, and after that ‘Pick-Six!’ This motherfucker needs to patent that shit before Jay Cutler steals the lucrative business opportunity from him. More on Favre in a bit.

5. Denard Robinson goes from ‘All-Universe’ to just ‘All-World.’:

To be fair to Robinson, his team sucks. Michigan St. has some good talent on that defense with C.L Rucker, and Greg Jones and they were able to exploit the 10 man advantage they had that every other Michigan opponent did not do in the weeks leading up to the game. So for now, Robinson is still the clear cut Heisman favorite. But he’s just Spider-Man instead of Superman for the time being.

4. Aaron Rodgers is concussed:

The Packers are reeling right now, and if it wasn’t bad enough Matthews is banged up, and Finley is out. Talk about the cheese going bad.

3. Favre lets it all hang out:

What a dummy. I’m tired of this bastard. Trust me if his team loses the next two, then he’s retiring. And it would be befitting of him to do so.

2. Alabama falls to South Carolina:

This likely dashes their title hopes, but ‘Bama is still a terrific team. It happens, great teams fall on the road to very good teams. This of course opens the door for Oregon, Ohio St. and Boise St. to have great control over their own destiny, with the exception of Boise if neither of those two lose.

1. This NFL season is fuckeddd uppp:

New Orleans can barely put up 20 against Arizona and lose, to the same team that let up 41 points twice in four weeks. Dallas and Minnesota are both 1-3, and one of them is going to be 1-4. Chicago is 4-1. Kansas City is legit. Indy will not win more than 10 games. The NFC is a crap shoot right now, Every team with the exception of Carolina has a playoff shot, including the 0-5 49ers. And even though Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and the Jets look really good, there is still no elite team in the AFC.

This is exactly why I feel the Patriots have a legitimate title shot. They have the potential to capture serious growth in these next 12 weeks, and next week against Baltimore could tell us a lot about this team for this year. A win would put them at 4-1 and help them maintain a prime position in the AFC standings. It would also be a huge confidence booster for a team that young, and being able to prove the naysayers wrong about Moss’s impact to the offense. They have a week to prepare, and Baltimore does not know what to expect now that a relatively new offense will be used. A makes sense for them this week, the only problem is this league does not make sense right now.

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