10 Headlines from this weekend of football

10. After all of the coaches that bypassed the Tennessee job, they end up with quite the batch of buffoons:

After Lane Kiffen bolted as a professionally paid Volunteer, that job was treated by the coaching fraternity like it had gonorrhea. So instead of ending up with someone like David Cutcliffe, they end up with Derek Dooley who is in charge of a coaching staff that does not know how to count, and cost them a win because of an illegal substitution penalty in Death Valley.

9. Marshawn Lynch better get his rain coat, he’s going to Seattle:

All that they need for the division is 6 wins. So what the heck?


It is safe to say he has won the Heisman. Take a look at Robinson’s stats for this year. Now look at Michael Vick’s when he was at Virginia Tech. In Vick’s illustrious college career he has only had 4 100-yard rushing games. Robinson has rushed for over 100 yards in all 5 starts this year, two of them over 200. He is also averaging 200 yards through the air this season. Hypothetically if he were to just sit out the rest of the year, he should still be chosen for the Heisman.

7. Josh Scobee got some gigantic balls:

Kickers were getting a bad rep last week, but Scobee says ”Nah! Fuck That! 59 yard game winner? I got it.’

6. Oregon’s offense is like fucking napalm:

Good thing they are because their defense has let up over 1100 offensive yards in the past two weeks. Did it matter much? Not at all. The Ducks in those two games won by a combined margin of 32 points. Mark Ingram will be the best running back going into the 2011 Draft, but in 2012 sophomore LaMichael James might be the best player going into that draft.

5. Philly fans do the right thing and cheer Donovan:

Cheered him in the introduction, but once the 15:00 mark broke they booed his ass. I respect that. The game sucked, and so does Kevin Kolb. This guy was clearly not prepared for the game the Vick was in Week 1 when he had to come in for the injured Kolb, which makes him look like a clown for whining about the decision to stick with Vick. I anticipate poor Kolb play in Vick’s absence to thwart any ideas of a QB controversy.

4. Alabama got some skills:

Pure juggernaut in the works right here. They can pull out road victories where all signs pointed to an L, like they did in Arkansas. And they can wipe the floor of pretenders like Florida to make a statement that they are still a force.

3. Did you hear Miami’s ‘Big Three’ debuts tonight!:

Who gives a fuck, it’s all about the Celtics.

2. Patriots look SPECIAL:

Just a traditional, old-fashioned, Patriots ass-whooping. Was the defense a concern in the first half? Yes they were, Miami converted every 3rd down and racked up chunks of yards through the air and on the ground the same way the Jets did two weeks ago. However, this team has a lot of youth and the struggles with the play-action, and coverage, and poor angles is all apart of the growing process. The promising things that are reminiscent of the 2003 and 2004 teams is that the Patriots identified a strategy within the game, adapted to it and produced long, sustained drives to keep the defense off the field and open up the opportunity for Miami mistakes, and big plays on special teams.

A game like that is what this youthful defense needs to gain confidence as they develop throughout the season. They will get better and a game like this is going to accelerate their growth for the 2010 season.

1. Randy Moss reportedly being shopped to the Vikings:

Okay! Just because you won a game in the same fashion as 03′ and ’04, doesn’t mean you have to get caught up in the perception that Moss doesn’t fit the mold of those teams. So what he only has 9 catches this year, his impact means much more. This team looks like it can compete for a title this year and in no way would this trade help them at all. I really hope it falls through.

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