10 Headlines from this weekend of football

10. Jimmy Graham of the Saints makes one of the most ridiculous plays ever:

No youtube of this video. It’s a damn shame, but as the play goes former Miami Hurricanes basketball player, Jimmy Graham, was on the punt coverage team when the ball nicked a Falcon return man. Just before it landed out of bounds, Graham dove for it to keep it in bounds and tipped it to one of his own guys to retain possession. It was similar to what you see on the ‘hardwood’ on a regular basis, but it gets its props because of the irregularity coming from the field.

9. Boise St. completes it’s final task for an undefeated season:

With notable wins over Virginia Tech and Oregon St. down, the Broncos have a WAC schedule remaining to assure the third consecutive undefeated regular season. The question after that becomes whether they should be considered for the National Title? Yes, but only under these circumstances; If there is only one other undefeated team from a BCS conference, besides the Big East. Or if there are no other undefeated teams from a BCS Conference besides the Big East. So if ‘Bama and Ohio St. run the table, or even Oklahoma, Oregon, Stanford, etc. Boise St. and TCU for that matter will not be partaking in the National Title.

8. NFL Kickers Suck!:

Every time a kicker blows a game that the other players have worked so hard for, I honestly get scared for the little horse jockeys when they face their physically potent peers in the locker room.

7. Oregon Ducks beat Arizona St. Stanford Cardinal embarrass Notre Dame, which sets up a clash of offensive juggernauts this coming Saturday:

Haven’t peeped the over/under but it’s probably some where around 145.

6. New England Patriots let up 30 points to Buffalo, but Brandon Meriweather is excited for his INT:

The New England offense will carry this team to contender-ship, and I firmly believe that. The defense though? Oh boy. That was more discouraging than the face of a captured reporter in the Middle East holding up the day’s paper. I’m sure if you told Brandon Meriweather to get you something at the store, he’d come back with a losing scratch ticket. The Pats should just give the right corner position to a chemo patient for a ‘Make-A-Wish’ every week, and we’ll still get the same results. And Gary Guyton tackles like Stephen Gostkowski.

5. Texas gets stomped by a mediocre Pac-10 team:

Scratch that, Texas is the mediocre football team.

4. Alabama survives an scare from Arkansas, aided by Mark Ingram and Arkansas’s Drew Bleds… I mean Ryan Mallett:

The Tide and the Hogs put on a great show Saturday and for the first half Ryan Mallett was superb. In the second though he cost his team the game in Drew Bledsoe-fashion by being a stiff in the pocket and forcing the ball into double-coverages, or trying to throw the ball away only to leave it playable for the defender to pick it. This game was all about Mark Ingram, and for anyone who thinks he is not fit for the NFL is fucking dumb.

For most of the time ‘Bama lined-up in 3 or 4 receiver sets with Ingram as a lone-back, meaning there were only 5 blockers available for Ingram on each run. Once ‘Bama took control of the game they put Ingram in the ‘Wildcat’ and dared Arkansas to stop him from running all over them. The Razorbacks could do nothing about Ingram as he ran for 157 yards to lead the Tide to victory.

Running Backs in the NFL today need to be able to run the ball effectively as a lone back, and out of 3 or 4 receiver sets. Ingram may not possess the physical tools of the great runners in the game today, but he has shown his ability to consistently break tackles and have enough speed and quickness where his film at the college level can translate to the NFL level.

I endorse Mark Ingram for the Patriots 2011 Draft.

3. A few players lighting it up right now:

Michael Vick and Peyton Manning lead the MVP race after the first three weeks. Too soon? Yeah, you’re right. But hats off to these guys for the production they are putting in. I honestly think we can say the dog-gods have forgiven Michael Vick, and it is unknown yet whether that poor athletic trainer from Univ. of Tennessee has forgiven Peyton for tea-bagging her.

2. 17 penalties! Nice job Pack!:

The penalties cost Green Bay last night’s game, and now the Bears are the most undeserving 3-0 team ever after being granted a win in a game they lost to Detroit. Aaron Rodgers is continuing to grow though, and as long as he Green Bay becomes a serious title contender.

1. Who needs a rapist when you got a great defense:

So three undefeated teams remain, and out of the three, Pittsburgh is the closest to elite status at the moment. The Steelers defense has trounced every team they have faced and their first two games were against legitimate teams (Falcons and Titans). At the moment they are playing the best football, and the QB position doesn’t really seem like a hole that needs insertion right now. So this unwillingness to insert another QB may possibly irk Big Ben, which could result in him forcing his way into the slut… I mean slot, which he is quite fond of.

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