10 Headlines from this weekend of football

10. Patriots resemble striking qualities from the mediocre 2009 team:

You never want to overreact to one single game. But at the same time, the failure to adjust in the second-half on the road, cost them to lose a handful of their 6 road losses. Honestly, I get choked up talking about this, so… We’ll be okay.

9. Mark Ingram returns like he never left:

It was Duke but… What else would you want from Ingram, the guy had about 16 yards per carry. The battle in Arkansas next week is the real story, and ‘Bama is just glad Ingram is back and healthy for that game.

8. Darrelle Revis blows a coverage; Leaves game to sell the injury as the reason:

Can you picture all the shit Re-wi was talking before that play, then whoops, there goes Moss, ‘Ooh-ooh, my leg, my leg.’ Just typical behavior from a person who plays to a crowd. I mean he pulled all the theatrics, the reach, the feel, the limp, the bending over, and he even left the game. I’m sure Re-wi is the type of dude, when a fight breaks out, and he knows it’s all broken up by other people, he starts acting crazy when people are holding him back, and the other guy, to let everyone know he’s tough. Jets still won though I guess. Not because of Re-wi.

7. In an ironic twist after calling Reggie Bush an idiot, Steve Sarkisian thought a conversation with a journalist was ‘off the record.’:

Does he think he’s talking to one of his buddies or something? What I want to know is, why would any coach, player, owner, whoever, think a conversation with a reporter who gets paid to write stories think anything they say was ‘off the record.’ This is like an opposing coach after a game they lost, saying, ‘that was just an exhibition right?’

6. Wade Phillips is a lame-duckling:

There’s no growing into stable job-holding swan for this guy. 0-2 is quite the hole to get out of, and the likelihood of seeing him in control of the Dallas sideline next year, is the likelihood we see Ines Sainz at another Jets practice.

5. College football pretenders, and contenders:

There’s an abundance of teams that look great out of the gate including, defending champ ‘Bama. Ohio St. won the biggest game this year. TCU and Boise St. are not likely to lose a game. Oregon and Nebraska are leaving teams traumatized. And there are a handful of dark-horses like Arkansas, Utah, South Carolina, Arizona, and Stanford. I intentionally left out perennial powers Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida because I don’t see it with those teams this year, but from where I see it right now, the aforementioned teams make up the pool of title contenders after the third week.

4. ‘Peyton, stop picking on your brother.’:

Whoa! Little Bro was sitting in all types of texture-shits after that ass-whooping put on by Big Bro. First quarter were a couple of little nuggets, then in then second it was a fiber inspired softer stool, third he caught a case of diarrhea because he was sick of it, and the fourth it just started dripping all over the place for the whole world to see. This was worse for Eli than when he was 11 years-old when Peyton would nearly choke him to death with ‘space-monkeys.’

3. NFC West might be the worst division in the history of sports:

Tonight with the Saints visiting San Francisco we will find out the fate of the NFC West. This division in the NFL is like what Fredo was to the Corleone family in ‘The Godfather.’ Just a complete disgrace.

2. After two weeks, 7 Undefeated teams remain 2-0; Pending the results tonight, it could be 8:

The biggest surprise of them all is Pittsburgh. They played two tough teams, without their franchise quarterback, and what we now know is their defense is scary, after forcing 7 Titans turnovers and holding CJ to 34 yards rushing. Houston also showed their legitimacy after coming back down 17 points to win on the road. One of Green Bay and Miami’s wins were from Buffalo, but nonetheless, still 2-0. Chicago really lost to Detroit, and Tampa and KC both had favorable schedules. What do we know from all of this? Nothing.

1. News before it’s news; Brett Favre will retire after Week 6:

Only way for Favre to stay in character is to retire when the Vikings playoff chances are severely diminished. If you’re going to hold a team hostage you better play like you did last season. Did Brett forget his steroids in MI-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I? Now out of desperation (and logic) they are going to try and trade for Vincent Jackson. He was bad yesterday, and I don’t see how that can change soon. He will retire in the middle of a losing season. Trust me.

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