What a disgraceful human being; Ohio teen causing a shit-storm

Nothing pisses me off more than a person who causes an uproar from their self-induced shortcomings, like what Abbi Obermiller has done by hiding in her boyfriends attic which caused a massive search for this silly-headed fuck.

She joins the list of that dumbass teenage sailor who got lost, and ‘Baloon Boy’s’ fucked up dad as people who should have their vocal cords detached before they influence somebody with their fucked up ideals.

What is fucked up about this girl is that she ratted out “the names of those who assisted her in running away, and hiding her.” Not only are you wasting the tax-payers of Ohio’s money in finding your useless ass, but you can’t take the heat yourself and instead drop a dime on others for something you should feel ashamed for not being able to accomplish yourself?

You may have fucked the state of Ohio over, worse than what Lebron James is about to do.

What is she hiding from anyway? I mean from what I read her father seemed pretty nonchalant about the goings-ons in her life. If she wanted to run away and smoke crystal-meth with her boyfriend, I think she was pretty much in the clear to do so if she just told everybody?

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