Veterans possibly exposed to H.I.V at a V.A Hospital

A Missouri V.A Medical Center has left over 1,800 veterans in danger of contracting hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. Since 2009 the medical staff at this facility had not been sterilizing the dental tools properly. This is concerning on a number levels, for one how could a medical staff fuck up that bad? Also why do Veterans get fucked over so harshly.

There have been over 900 US troops killed in Afghanistan, and almost 3,000 severely injured. In Iraq, almost 4,500 troops have been killed, and well over 30,000 have been injured since the beginning of June.

With the initiatives in Iraq, and Afghanistan not quite clear, these casualty figures are just not acceptable (civilian casualties are even worse). In the World Wars the casualties were much higher, but for the most part it was a war that had to be fought so in that case the means justified the ends. The ‘War on Terror’ is nothing more than a White House marketing ploy used to convince the general population that the occupations are necessary to fight nothing more than a speculative enemy. This opens up the opportunity for reconstruction, in this case for Iraq and Afghanistan, a profitable entity for the practicing private industries.

Mercenaries are making a killing in the Middle East.

There is no telling how long the ‘War on Terror’ will go on, but as long as it does US troops, and the civilians of the occupied nations will be the ones treated expendable. It’s even more unfortunate when the troops survive possibly their closest encounter with death, and then they potentially are exposed to a life-eating disease.

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