Obama’s Oil Spill-Bush’s Katrina

Some feel Barack Obama has not provided a sufficient enough intervention concerning the oil-spill that British Petroleum is responsible for in the Gulf Coast. They feel it is necessary to compare it with Geroge Bush’s domestic failure concerning Hurricane Katrina. However, the two instances could not be any different. The disaster involving Hurricane Katrina required immediate protocol to spare the lives of people who were in immediate danger. Instead they were left on their roofs begging for helicopters, that sat afloat, to come and rescue them. The failures were also compounded as the citizens of New Orleans were left for stray by FEMA who did not provide enough support for handling such a disaster in many instances including supplying trailers containing formaldehyde to the victims which are not suitable living conditions.

Bush is responsible for the failed response with Katrina because FEMA for one is a government entity and was proved to be incompetent. And two, it was well within his means to control the damage of the flood and preserve the safety of the people, during the flood, right after, and long after where they are now gentrified and uprooted out of their homes without an effective plan to help them get acclimated into society after losing everything.

Obama’s situation is far different, and it could not be made any clearer when he said, “The Federal Government does not have the same technology as BP” when it comes to cleaning up oil-spills. His aim is to make BP accountable, what else could he do besides that for the mess they made?

BP is a shit-head teenager that had a party when their parents were gone that now has to clean up the mess that was made. And the Obama administration is the parent that needs to hold them accountable.

This is not an abandonment of a large population, which is what the Bush administration did. It’s a ludicrous comparison. There is no other approach that could be taken within the federal governments realm of influence. It may be a flaw but it is not one that is exclusive to a specific administration. It is the function of the system in place that allows corporations to have the reign they do and the ability to get away with these things before they even happen.

Whether the Obama administration holds BP accountable and devises regulations to keep corporations like them from fucking us over, in any industry, is where this administration should be judged. Not how they handled the immediate aftermath and the ineffectiveness that has taken place with the persisting oil tides.

That is a test no president has passed, otherwise the oil spill would of never happened.

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