Lou Dobbs’s Wish Come True… In Arizona

Politics, sports, music, and other miscellaneous bull-shit talk is about as compatible as an acquaintance between Lauryn Hill and Don Imus. Maybe I’m the guy that can mend these things together (I don’t know about the Hill-Imus thing though, some things are better left alone).

At this point the new state legislation in Arizona, which gives law enforcement increased reign for detaining people is old news, and old news these days in no news. With that being said, this is an unprecedented law that would require you to refer back to the domestic policy towards Japanese-Americans during World War II, and Jim Crow as far as sanctioned discrimination.

Granted, those people were American citizens and the law is designed to enforce the immigration policy to keep illegal aliens from living, and entering in the country. However, most of the people who will be ordered to produce documentation will also be American citizens, who may have not done anything but fit the script of what a Mexican is supposed to look like.

On paper, what is the big deal with showing a police officer a license or a visa? If your not doing anything wrong, how much trouble could the police give you? That’s on paper, in reality the vague description of this law will give the police even more reign to harass WHOMEVER they want even more. You could be as white as those motherfuckers from Twilight, but if the police want to detain you just for the hell of it, they will.

In most cases it won’t be anything more than a nuisance to your schedule, but far too often police brutality has spiraled out of routine sequences, such as the execution of Oscar Grant (http://articles.sfgate.com/2009-01-07/news/17199495_1_videos-use-of-force-experts-officer-johannes-mehserle), and rarely is any accountability ever served out of these atrocities.

Police fired shots into Oscar Grant at a subway station while he was handcuffed on his stomach

To empathize with some of the citizens of Arizona who feel threatened by the crimes relating to what they believe has to do with immigration (http://www.newsmax.com/US/immigration-arizona-crime-kidnappings/2010/04/27/id/357099), this law will not in any form combat that, unless luckily a law enforcement officer detains a future criminal which would make them Tom Cruise from Minority Report.

These crimes are coming from syndicates who operate on a system that no routine stop will hinder. The only way to stop this type of thing from happening is police work, you know undercover work, stings, things that fall within the Constitution.

Once upon a time, Irish immigrants were bootleggers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Mob) and operated under crime syndicates just like the ones in Arizona. Same with Italian immigrants and organized crime. Shit, the very first immigrant in this country committed genocide, which may have not been a crime then, and may not be now, but it is frowned upon just like masturbating on an airplane (The Hangover).

Why allow a law to hinder your civil liberties just out of paranoia and xenophobia alone? Because once a law is in place it’s sort of like a tattoo, if you end up not liking it your stuck with it until you go the extra lengths to get it removed.

I'll go on a limb and say this tattoo is not this chicks worst feature either?

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