Israeli shame. Flotilla to blame?

One of the most poignant contemporary remarks ever to be spoken on the Israeli-Palestine relationship was by a rapper by the name Immortal Technique who said, “You can criticize human rights in Cuba, and China. But not in Israel, or Philippines, or places you find that are allies to the country I live in.”

If there ever needed to be another case for Jimmy Carter’s accusations of apartheid inflicted by the Israeli government. The raid by the Israeli military on a US vessel, that was going to provide goods for those affected by the Gaza blockade is just little league shit. Since the state of Israel was recognized in 1948 the conflict between them and Palestine had been potently accelerated. It primarily affected Palestinians who were uprooted from their homes and forced to live in refugee camps that to this day contain over 500,00 Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
It is an abnormality to see any criticism levied towards Israel regarding its treatment towards the Palestinians by the mainstream media. When a prominent figure does such as Jimmy Carter, he is charged as being anti-Semitic and not willing to acknowledge the Jewish experience with the ‘Nazi Holocaust’ as an essential reason why Israel should be a state where Jews can live without persecution.

It is one of the most glaring paradoxes, and a prime example of hypocrisy why the ‘Nazi Holocaust,’ which does not pertain to the Palestinians, can acquiesce Israel’s brutal treatment towards Palestinians and face little international criticism.

Israel is an oppressive force, making the argument that organizations such as Hamas, and the PLO are terrorist organizations is not a legitimate one considering they have declared a mission of fighting against that force for justice of the Palestinian people. Every oppressive force faces, and should, an opposition. Those Palestinian organizations do have their setbacks. Suicide bombings should be condemned, as any tactic that takes out civilians should. However civilian casualties suffered by Palestinians have totaled nearly 5 times more than Israeli casualties. As deplorable as suicide bombings are, it is not nearly as consequential as Israel’s approach disregarding civilian life when it comes to warfare.

The potency of the Israeli military is no match for the Palestinians.


9 activists being killed by the Israeli military encapsulates the philosophy of the State of Israel, of limiting the rights to the Palestinians and using force to do so. Now that they got caught with their pants down, the circumcision begins of cutting corners of accountability and plotting the cover up the same way cops do when they fire at, and kill unarmed American citizens.

Only so refugees at the Gaza strip could’nt have coffee?

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