Florida Pastor eager to set Korans ablaze.

Terry Jones is a Florida pastor who wants to burn Korans to honor 9/11 victims. I mean sure he’s a bigot. He’s under the impression that the Muslim religion is the catalyst for the 9/11 attacks. Wrong! It was George W, burn him if you want to perpetuate a symbolic event of retribution.

But come on Muslims, this shit really bothers you that much? The books are made in assembly lines, next to ‘Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.’ It’s not like Muhammad himself descended from the sky to hand out bundles of Korans.

But why even just burn the Koran, you got to go all the way T. Jones, burn the Bible to, and John Smith’s Mormon pamphlets, and Tom Cruise’s Scientology manual, and Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, and every other piece of religious artifact. Maybe the compilation of all of them into ashes, will result in the emergence of the gods from all of the religions to fight in a battle royale to determine the supreme religion.

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