Top 10 movie cunts of all-time, 5-1…

5. Mirtha Jung (Blow)- Yes two bitches in one movie. That’s like the greatest quarterback and wide receiver playing on the same team. Oh right they do, they’re on the Patriots.

Talk about a shoot yourself in the foot moment marrying this chick. No need to rape her for her to cut your dick off like Lorena Bobbitt did, she’ll do it if you won’t buy her a Gucci handbag. 

George Jung got a rough deal, his mother ratted him out, his wife ratted him out, and his friends ratted him out. Lesson of the day kids, stay in school and don’t do or sell drugs.

4. Nurse Rached (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)- Who the fuck does this lady think she is? She’s supposed to be helping people get better and make them feel better about themselves. Instead she uses her power to feel better about herself by belittling mental health patients. Did a mental health patient rape her and this is the way of getting back to settle her demons? To me, that could be the only explanation otherwise she’s Satan.

When Jack Nicholson choked her out nearly to death because Billy Bibbit killed himself after she told his mother he had sex with a girl. It was like seeing Rocky beat Ivan Drago, except way better. The only thing that could have topped it is if the Chief ran over and emptied a whole stool on her forehead while this was all happening.

3. Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction)- Whoaaaa!!!! This bitch is scary. She takes the misunderstanding of the one night stand worse than the citizens of Mississippi accepting Obama’s election. I think the person who wrote this movie was trying to send a message to somebody about what can happen when you cheat. A gross exaggeration, like that PSA about your brain on drugs. I mean, I’m no advocate of drug use by any means but what drug immediately crushes your brain? What broud starts leaving boiled rabbits in your kitchen, because your ignoring her phone calls? I think there’s a universal understanding for both of these circumstances that drugs turn you to a revolting zombie, and one night stands lead to nothing. The creators of both of these media are just bitter about something.

2. Ginger Rothstein (Casino)- A gold-digging seductress, and her only thing in mind is to get back at her husband Sam Rothstein at any cost by going on coke binges, stealing money, cheating on him with his best friend, and running off with her daughter to live on the road with a pimp named Lester Diamond. Uggghhhh, just a repulsive resume that even Oprah couldn’t defend.

She very closely edges out Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction. I’m talking just edging her out by the narrowest of margins. What it comes down to is this, Alex Forrest is just some crazy bitch you can ward off with a restraining order or a hatchet if she breaks into to your home.

Ginger Rothstein, that bitch will haunt you for years and years and there’s nothing you can do about it because she has the courts as the arbitrator demanding you to pay a hefty amount of child support and alimony. I’ll take my chances with the psychotic nightmare over this monster that has the government on her side and knows it. Cause we all know the man never wins the custody battle even though the woman is this fucked in the head. The only reason Ace ended up with the daughter was because Ginger didn’t want her. Otherwise under her guidance that little girl would be snorting more coke than Drew Barrymore did as an 8 year-old.

1. Precious’s Mom (Precious)- The treatment by this bitch to her daughter was just sad, I’m not even joking when I say that because it was real and disturbing relating to what victims of child abuse do go through.

 It’s not easy playing a movie cunt, it takes a lot of skill and all of these women do have it. The actresses playing them perfect these roles and deserve the credit for it.

Monique’s character takes the cake. This shit was ruthless. If you seen the movie you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t I can’t even put in words (and if you haven’t noticed, I’m a GREAT fucking writer) what goes on in this flick, and how bad the abuse was.

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