Top 10 movie cunts of all-time, 10-6…

Honorable mention. Bella Swan (Twilight, New Moon)-Stop wasting your pussy on vampires and stick to your own kind.

10. Kay Adams (The Godfather II)- Lady tells her husband she got an abortion because she hated everything about him, and the only son they did have, Anthony, is a fucking pussy. To be fair, Michael was a scumbag but don’t rub that shit in.

9. Hillary Swank (Boys Don’t Cry)- Listen, if I was deceived by a man who said he was a woman and looked a lot like a woman. I would go crazy. Probably kill the motherfucker. I know it’s more socially accepted for girls to go down on each other, but still don’t present yourself as something your not. Whatever happened to honesty being the best policy? 

8. Sara Fitzgerald (My Sister’s Keeper)- Cameron Diaz’s character was epic. Seriously, I’m sure it’s tough dealing with a daughter having leukemia. But Fitzy here was such a vindictive bitch she thought she could go above and beyond to fight it, by creating an artificially inseminated daughter to prick and proud whenever organs and bone marrow were needed. Then when the cute little Abigail Breslin character was like, I’m kind of a person to. Fitzy put up the ‘iron curtain’ and disowned her theoretical daughter, went to court with her to try and fight her daughter’s will of not being a medical prop.

7. Ermine Jung (Blow)- Talk about a shitty mother. ‘Hey mom! You wanna know why I’m a drug dealer?’ Because you left me when I was 10!’ Talk about throwing stones in a glass house. Then she sells him out to the police. I mean, as dishonorable as it is to rat out everyone apart of your operation, you can still understand the incentive. Telling on somebody for no reason (whose not a diddler, or murderer, or spousler abuser, etc.) makes no sense. ‘MIND YO’ BISNESS LADY!’

6. Jenny (Forrest Gump)- Where to begin with Jenny. First of all, we all sympathize with the abuse she dealt with as a child, I say that in all seriousness. But Forrest is an American hero and she did him dirty. If she was worried about Forrest ejaculating at the site of titties, she should have been sucking him off when they were 12.

Then she has the nerve to travel cross-country to communes and have orgies with hippies, and snort coke off of dirty cocks while Forrest is winning a Heisman, saving troops, and importing shrimp, still worrying what this fucking whore is doing.

The dirtiest thing she did of all was when she planted that kid on him at the end. That wasn’t his kid.

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