Relative unknown rapper, Prince Ea; Offers new dimension of music

Prince Ea started out making youtube videos such as this recording over Jay-Z’s ‘Renegade’ that were packed with exceptional lyrical talent, but other than that there wasn’t much of a ‘wow’ factor.

He drew a following from those who were into theories about the ‘illuminati’ because a lot of his content pertained to critiques on the nature of some of the world’s elite and how they have neglected the interest of the ‘common good’ for their own benefit.

But as time moved on it was evident that Ea was growing in his versatility of lyrics, and his skill that I myself would stack him up against most rappers who are making a hefty living off of the industry today.

Hip-Hop today, and society in general is a ‘dumbed-down,’ simplification of reality and Prince Ea is the antithesis. He has formed the ‘Make Smart Cool’ movement, and he certainly has the wherewithall to back it up.

His newest song ‘The Brain’ is an intricate overview of the brain from it’s moments of adaptation to evolve into a necessary tool for survival. He gives you an anatomical navigation of the components of the brain, and the advancements in society the brain has contributed to that were engineered by some of the greatest minds, “From the Sumerians creating the wheel, the German inventor Karl Benz; Making the first true automobile.”

But with Prince Ea you get the whole truth, and prior to going into his last verse he ends the second one “But don’t brag cause there’s trouble next door, our species has always held that double-edged sword. The more time that pass we struggle to find our path, AND EVERY GOOD ACCOMPLISHMENT HAS A COUNTER-PART twice as bad.” And then proposes the question of, after all of the significant advancements the brain has made, why are we still primitive when it comes to understanding human-rights? “As we advance we lose the basics, we still divide people into races and don’t realize superiority by pigmentation, is nothing more than a figment of all our imagination.”

“The Brain” is easily one of the greatest lyrical works of Hip-Hop to ever be created. That’s a drastic statement I know, but what’s keeping it from being that? Cause you never heard of him? Well you better get to know him.

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