‘Inception.’ How do motherfuckers write shit like this?

Now that ‘Inception’ has been out for a couple of days it’s about the time for all the nerds to come up with their theories what they think really happened in the movie. I’m just going to give my praise towards the writer of this movie, Christopher Nolan, who is also the writer and director of the phenomenal new ‘Batman’ series.

This may be the most complex movie of all-time. The creativity is mind-blowing, and there is a striking dialogue in the movie when Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, and another character named Saito were discussing the ability for a human to create an ‘inception,’ which is referred to as creating an idea without any influence. It was deemed near impossible in the movie for people to form a brand new idea based on the fact that we are always predisposed to influences in one way or another, that will in part, be responsible for our ideas. Gordon-Levitt’s character explained to Saito, and asked him if he thought of an idea that had to do with elephants, that the idea would only take form when it was planted in his mind by someone else.

In reality that is most certainly the case, almost every creation is influenced by one frame of work, or idea, or another. But the irony though, is that Nolan has created a film with an idea we have not seen before. The world created, of discovering the nature of dreams has not been broached to the degree that Nolan has articulated it. But of course Nolan and everybody else, have been predisposed to dreams before, which keeps it from attaining that status of a true ‘inception.’

Other movies such as James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ franchise, and his film ‘Avatar,’ and also the brain-busting ‘Donnie Darko,’ are all fascinating creations put into film, but the premise of them are not as original as ‘Inception.’

Nolan has formed the greatest articulation of dreams, and has made a blockbuster film out of it. The difficulty of following this film is similar to trying to understand a foreign language because you are being exposed to something that is not familiar, with terms that are not relevant to everyday life. It becomes a bit overwhelming to try and keep up with and understand fully, in the case with this movie the rules and possibilities are entirely different from reality so it becomes important to juggle between that and the plot build-up, and be conscientious of it.

It is a movie that will need multiple viewings to begin to understand what is going on. And it takes a brilliant mind to construct something that provokes the need for heavy analyzation, which is what Nolan did, that I’m sure will go on for years to come.

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