Most Hated (Current) Athletes, 10-6…

10. Matt Garza– ‘Eww,eww,eww, it’s a Matt Garza close up!’ What is it that this dude is thinking when he spits all up in front of the camera? Does he think it’s going to catch on for all the little kids out there to imitate, like what Michael Jordan did with the tongue hanging out of the jaw? Or does he just have no awareness of what is tasteful to America? Ethier way it’s disgusting, and you need to cut the shit, because your grossing everyone out, you sick camel.

9. Terrell Owens– He is an occupant of this list for the past ten years. He’s not polarizing ethier, I think everybody hates his guts, not even Stephen A. Smith could rationalize this nutcase. And when somebody in defense of his antics uses, ‘He’s never raped women, or beat them…’ Ummm??? Then he got some other big time problems if that card needs to be played.

8. Alex Rodriguez– How can anyone relate to this guy? His own teammates hate him. This dude gets denied by hookers, and kisses himself in the mirror. He seems to not understand his own identity, because his identity has been morphed by the desire to be publicly appealing, but has produced a startling counter-effect. Even for a guy who use to hit 50 home runs in a season.

7. Ladanian Tomlinson– Such a fucking pussy this guy is for being so classy, and having the urge to tell everybody about it because a team ripped his team’s heart out and celebrated afterwards. Then he says that same team isn’t trying if they’re not cheating. When in reality, if it’s a playoff game, L(D)T is not playing. His old team even sold him out for being a self-loathing fraud.

6. Dwight Howard– There is nothing more spite worthy than a famous person who is a complete fraud. Howard entered the NBA wanting to put a ‘holy-cross’ on the team jersey for every player. And then he knocks up Royce from the show ‘Basketball Wives.’

He smiles on the court so everybody can look and say, ‘look how much fun he’s having! What a great guy.’ Meanwhile he is the dirtiest player in the league.

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