Flo Allen Can Get It!

Nothing got me more hot and bothered in this Game 6 victory than the enthusiasm exhibited by Ray Allen’s mother. This chick knows basketball, you can tell by her reaction to the game. She’s not a trophy wife of a college basketball coach with her fingers crossed every time the camera shows her, who has as much savvy of the sport as the Pope does with a young boy’s psychology. She knows when Ray needs the ball, and is aware when the Celtics offense needs to get their shit together. She probably taught Ray everything he knows.

She’s Ray Allen with a weave and a finely tuned woman’s body, does that mean I’m attracted to Ray too? Ehhhhh, when he’s hitting threes like he was tonight to contribute to a NBA Finals trip. Then I’ll be the two blonde whores in ‘He Got Game’ that tried to lore him in as a recruit to play alongside Rick Fox at Tech U.

Celtics in 6 vs. Who ever the fuck.

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