Evidence of the Celtics getting fucked over against the Lakers in the 2010 Finals

This is ‘Zapruder’ film type shit right here. For all of those who wanted to just get on with their summer after the 2010 Finals and say the better team won, or the Laker fans who rejoiced with claims of victory, this video is a big ‘sit the fuck down, and never open your mouth again.’

How the fuck can you deny this shit? I mean, I called shenanigans and threw the red flag after the game, but now I got the indisputable visual evidence, so it’s time to overturn this shit.

What should be the outcome out of this substantial bit of evidence? Well, I’m not one to buy into all those rescinded college championships the NCAA issues after recruiting violations, or things of that nature. If it happened, it happened. No banner removal could erase the memory of seeing the better team for that year win the championship.

In this case though we need to seriously take these things into consideration:

For one, nobody can float around the idea that Kobe is an all-time great performer just because he has 5 rings. He went 6-24 this game, and he sucked.

Two, just like what the ref did for Super Bowl XL (forty) recently, admitting how ashamed of himself he was for basically handing Pittsburgh the Super Bowl against Seattle, which everybody already knew. Joey Crawford and his gang of dumblords should do the same.

And finally three, put the game in context. Almost everybody fails to put sporting events into context and they just blindly go off the result of the game, see who was on the roster for that team, and calls them a champion. They say things like, ‘Eli won Super Bowl XLII, and Brady lost it.’ Even though if Eli doesn’t complete the luckiest pass ever, Brady is commended for his game winning drive with 2 minutes left, whether he deserves the amount of credit they would of gave him, or not.

The 2010 Finals needs to be put in context. If the game was officiated just a smidgen the other way, and what I mean by that is if the refs gave LA only 15 unwarranted free throws instead of 21, Celtics have their 18th. But you can’t go back into history and take something away from somebody, I will concede to that. All I ask in return is to put this game into context, say the Celtics got screwed and deserved the championship, Pau Gasol is a bitch, and that Kobe does not deserve to be in the Michael-Bird-Magic discussion, or even the guys who are a tier below them just because he has 5 rings, because the reality is he sucks on the ‘big stage’ going 6-24 in a Game 7, KG was injured in ’09 so he got to play the Magic, and he won three rings as Shaq’s sidekick in a watered down NBA league.

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  1. Cdiz says:

    This must be coming from a Boston native who doesn’t know much about basketball. Notice towards the end when they list all of the celtics in foul trouble. Besides baby Davis all of them are old and have lost a step. By the fourth quarter all four of those guys were tired and reaching a lot, its a wonder the lakers didn’t get more than 21 foul shots. The Celtics are old as fuck, and Rondo is the only one who plays any D anyway. Haha don’t blame the refs, blame biological age and not moving their feet. Oh and watch a game except for just the finals, you might learn something about basketball. Ps. Not even a Lakers fan.

  2. Tommy S says:

    Rondo is the only one to play D? Was he the only one to hold Kobe to 6-24, and the rest of the Lakers to about 32% from the field? Were the Celtics to old when they ran through the east against the heavily favored Cavs and MAgic? Come with facts next time you question my basketball knowledge. Lakers got 21 free throws and an ignored up & down to allow Gasol to score a huge bucket, and since your to blind to notice in the footage, they were one-sided calls, meaning the C’s didn’t receive the benefit of the ticky-tack foul calls LA did. You’re probably from Canada or some off-brand region in America. You trying to make yourself sound like a basketball wiz makes me wanna jam a vibrator in your ear until you’d prefer it in your ass, which probably wouldn’t take much effort cause your a Canuck and you like that shit

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