117 foul calls later, Game 1 has commenced.

Good game Pau.

I’m calling shenanigans, LA should not even have Pau Gasol because the trade to Memphis that took Kwame Brown, and Jarvaris Crittenton, who are good for nothing, and Marc Gasol who is a borderline good player/stiff, was so lopsided it should have been vetoed. Then Kobe would have a garbage supporting cast, would be known for selling out teammates on the court worse than Dwayne Bowe off of the field, and would take the same heat Lebron is getting now for not being able to elevate his team past the 2nd round.

In all seriousness though, Gasol was terrific tonight and Kobe as well, and the Celtics did not play well at all. Not enough good looks at the hoop, turnovers and too many second chances for LA that kept the Celtics out of this game for almost its entirety. There has to come a point though where the refs put the whistles away. It was not to the point where it favored one team, but it cheated the game and they are allowing players to flop at any point of contact and receive the call.

This is going to be a series. I have no doubts the Celtics will bring it for Game 2. They just did not play well. KG looked like he had down syndrome when he shot that lay-up and went back for the tip-in that looked even worse. I would really like to see Doc put Pierce on Kobe, the physical mismatch between Ray Allen and Artest will not hurt the team significantly. In fact I’d rather see LA go to Ron if Allen is on him and try to exploit it in the post, Boston would be better off than letting Kobe have an easier time with Allen on him than Pierce.

If there is one thing we know from Game 1 it is that Gasol is a much different player from ’08, and KG needs to step it up and neutralize him to give the Celtics the ability to win this series.

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  2. Daniel says:

    Gopi;1) Pau had a few hockey asissts last night, as well as 9 actual asissts, as a direct result of touching the ball often. Kobe either initiates the offense or stagnates it, eliminating both ball movement and player movement. Pau is in no way a ball-stopper, except maybe when he touches it for the first time in 18 minutes, when he is perhaps a bit anxious.2) Kobe does not need to wait until late in the clock to take difficult shots; he makes an amazing number of them and yet he is always middle of the pack in FG%. One would think those skills on tough shots would result in more makes on easy ones, but this does not seem to be the case. I see no indication that Pau is inclined to play hot potato late in the clock; I see him willing to hit the open man.3) Missed shots do little to alter momentum, unless it is your own. Sometimes he answers with a big shot; sometimes he doesn’t; always it’s a gamble. And, among the people who DON’T think about doubling or switching players on him who don’t let his scoring make them tentative, or let it open up the offense for his teammates? The Celtics. One would think it is a matter they have given some thought.Kobe is a favorite of mine but I’m not a nut. He’s really, really good; WP suggests he’s a star’ many years, but not a superstar’ as far as production and I’m comfortable with that. He certainly is an ESPN-style superstar, and his skills either are, or appear to be, ideal for the playoffs except when he throws up a total stinker, and there have been a few. The problem is he’s become a top dog because he LOOKS like one, not because he produces like one; the endless MJ comparisons have so inflated his perceived worth that he dominates his team to their detriment unless that insane extension he just got is prep for a LeBron sign-and-trade. (Kobe and Ron to the Cavs for LBJ; let’s make this happen! Marparker, I’ll show you an insufferable Laker fan then!) He’d be perfect in Cleveland; they’re already built to abandon any attempt at running a real offense in crunch time, and the only better per-minute producers there are more suited to limited roles. They could rehire Mike Brown and keep the old offense.’ And the Lakers could win 70 next year with ZERO other roster moves; the only risk is they might lose a close playoff game, and the talking heads and the Kobenatics w0uld have an I-told-you-so orgy of biblical proportions.

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