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Eminem ‘Recovery’ album has hidden message: Subliminal shot at Lil’ Wayne

My good friend Jeremy was like Tom Hanks in the ‘Da Vinci Code’ these past few weeks with the new Eminem CD out, trying to point out a hidden message it contained. I was like ‘Get the fuck out of here!’ every time he tried to explain it to me, like he was talking straight ‘bull shit.’ Until I sat down with him and he went over every bit of evidence and had me buying that shit like it was a Google share at $2.

Let me introduce this theory by recapping the background between Shady and Weezy. During Em’s hiatus, which was the time Wayne was at the top of the rap game, Wayne expressed interest in doing a song with Eminem but was blown-off by the rapper who was in recluse. Rumors circulated that Em was plotting a record dedicated to diss Lil Wayne, which Eminem even acknowledged in this latest album, “I almost made a song dissing Lil Wayne.” As Em began his comeback he attributed his slights at Lil Wayne to his drug abuse, and ended up collaborating with him on ‘Forever,’ and ‘Drop the World.’

So why would he diss Lil Wayne now?

First things first, lets go over Eminem’s approach towards this album. Basically Em has created a world within this CD by making ‘hip-hop’ the coveted object he is vying for amongst the rest of the rap game. He makes it obvious in the song ’25 to Life’ about the setbacks that come with being a famous rapper. The other not so obvious metaphorical representations of ‘hip-hop’ being the object of affection is ‘Seduction’ what seems to be referring to his ‘mack’ and how he can take your girl in an instant, but that girl is actually rap, just like it was in ’25 to Life. The lyric to kick the song off “I feel like I’m morphing, into to something so incredible that I’m dwarfing all competitors” is one to consider, but another one that is the convincer “There’s a 7-disc CD changer in her car, and I’m in every single slot and your not.”

For all of those people that still think he’s stuck on Kim, he only refers to her once. The songs ‘Space Bound,’ and ‘Love the Way You Lie’ are about the connection Em has with ‘hip-hop,’ not his ex-wife.

This world that Em sharpens up with his mind-blowing imagery is the key element in the CD to tie everything together. Notice there are re-occurring figures throughout the album, from celebrities like Michael J. Fox, and Elton John, to the multiple references towards fruits, and animals, to the biblical references, the seasons like winter and fall, holidays like Halloween and Christmas, superheroes, the need to refer to every bit of currency, motor-vehicles, and every component of time from, second, minute, day, year, light-year. Basically all of the components that would make up any sort of society. And if you think it is a coincidence let me reiterate the redundancy of the usage of these terms, each term occurs more than once, sometimes a lot more than once.

The two prominent figures in this world, which could be described, as the ‘Land of Hip-Hop,’ which Eminem has created in the CD, is he, and Lil Wayne.

Now pay attention.

The smoking gun in all of this is Lil Wayne’s verse in ‘No Love.’ Everything Lil Wayne said in that verse was used by Shady and taken from its simple layers that Wayne fashioned them with, to more extensive complex expressions Eminem used them with, almost as if to say ‘Anything you can do, I can do better.’

Exhibit A: Wayne starts out the verse, “Throw dirt on me, and grow a wildflower, but it’s FUCK THE WORLD, get a child out her.” Eminem in ‘Not Afraid’ says “Forget the EARTH HE”S GOT THE URGE TO PULL HIS DICK FROM THE DIRT, AND FUCK THE WHOLE UNVIVERSE.” Also, Wayne says he’s “Married to the Game” in ‘No Love,’ and Em says the same thing in ‘Not Afraid.’

Coincidence? Maybe, that’s what I thought to, but lets continue.

Some circumstantial evidence is that a lot of the words Wayne used in that verse like ‘bar,’ ‘back,’ ‘bleed,’ and ‘fire,’ are used continuously by Eminem but multiple times in one sequence, “I’m so tired of this I could blow, fire in the hole, I’m fired up so fire up the lighter and the dro.”

Another example of the beefier evidence is “Bitches try to kick me while I’m down I’ll break your leg (Wayne’s line)” In ‘Cinderella Man” Eminem says, “It’s a rap, I was down, when I was down I was kicked-I got up, I’m ‘bout to punch ya to the ground, YA TRICKED, IT’S A TRAP.” Then Wayne says “You want me up in the cage, then I’ll come out in beast mode” in the same song Em says “Caution to the wind, COMPLETE FREEDOM, look at this rappers, how I treat them, so why the fuck would I join’em when I beat’em.” Then Em goes on in the same song saying “When I rip this stage and tear it in half tonight.”

Another bit of evidence is, in the ‘Forever’ track Wayne says “Let the KING talk, check the price and pay attention” Eminem in ‘Not Afraid’ says “You said you was KING you lied through your TEETH, so for that fuck your FILLINGS instead of getting crowned your getting capped.” It is worth noting Lil Wayne needed eight root canals before entering jail.

And here is the ‘out of the ball park,’ kill-shot, “Lil Wayne slurps syrup ‘till he burps and smokes purp does a WORDSEARCH gets circles (W)RAPPED AROUND it like you do when I come through just to remind yourself what the fuck I can do.” Is a Shady line in the song ‘Won’t Back Down.’

If you pay attention to the CD you will notice a lot of lines that could tie in with this whole argument. To dismiss them as coincidental is foolish, because without even acknowledging this theory, you have to acknowledge Em’s meticulous approach with his wordplay throughout the album.

So why would these subliminal lines serve no purpose with someone as attentive, crafty, clever, and deliberate as Eminem?

-Just want to reiterate my good friend Jeremy came up with this theory; I’m just basically the messenger right now.

216 Responses to Eminem ‘Recovery’ album has hidden message: Subliminal shot at Lil’ Wayne

  1. SLIM SHADY says:

    I don’t know why eminem would ever hesitate to go at kanye west, marshall would kick kanye’s ass

  2. Alexis TK says:

    This is actually such crap. Eminem and Lil’ Wayne are tight it’s not like Eminem is one to be fake. If he didnt like Weezy he’d never do all those songs with him and there would be a huge beef between them.

  3. david says:

    Ey yo alexis eminem is tryna school weezy on his own tracks that’s why he is making songs with weezy But we all know that eminem will always be the best rapper his like the white 2pac even a lil bit better weezys almost like a black vanilla ice he can’t rap he just makes noise yeah and if use have time take weezys song 6foot 7foot 8foot right play it backwards in slow motion you’ll hear what his saying in the song something about I’m gay and ish like that……..just wish that eminem will make a new song with D12 and diss the shit outa youngmoney youngmoney is so fake all they rap about is hoes and money eminem yeah sometimes he speaks nonsense but atleast it rhymes youngmoney they can’t rhyme my gfs pussy lipz can rap better than them……….so for me EMINEM$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Will crush anybody in the music industry……if he ever stops rapping his no quiter he just murderd the fuck weezy and the whole cashmoney fuck mac miller fuck ja man fuck anybody that thinks they better than EMINEM and rick ross is just same fat kunt with man boobs His a HOOE why does he make that sound anyway but anyway D12 EMINEM best rappers that will ever live……….?????????????SOUTH AFRICA……..??????????//////////KING MATHERS EMINEM is just DOPE bottom line his DOPER THAN DOPE his so DOPE stand next to him its REHAB FOR YOU

  4. david says:


  5. Fabian says:

    Eminem isn’t dumb. Lil Wayne and his fake bitch crew is obviously, for some fucked up reason the biggest thing in hip hop right now. Em is using thier fame to get put out there and publisize his subliminal disses to prove that wayne is such a punk that he will never answer to all the obvious disses

  6. Dylan Gorden says:

    That dont mean nothing. Refering to the comment that said if em didnt like him he wouldnt have done those songs with him. False. Eminem dont like royce the 5’9 but eminem made bad meets evil with him so that dont mean nothing

  7. Marina says:

    Um… Forever came out before Not Afraid because that song is from the movie “More Than a Game” which came out in 2009 and in that same year the single “Forever” came out on August 27,2009 and “Not Afraid” came out as a single on April 29,2010 so basically that is a useless piece of evidence.

  8. Djbeastin says:

    Em sings with people he subliminally disses because he feels like its a slap in their face for them when they want him in their song… When Em was in alot of crap Lil Wayne dissed Em subliminally so Em is fed up with it

  9. Dotz says:

    I think Seduction for a diss to Jay~Z when Eminem wasn’t nominated for the Top Em Cee’s, Slim wasn’t in the top 10 list. Jay~Z hola Eminems name by writting a letter asking why Eminem was not on the list because he had the best selling album and was wondering why and how he got the Top Em Cee???? But em stole it back because like he said in the chorus.

  10. jason cooled says:

    LOOL i dont mean to brush your article off, but in the track SEDUCTION eminemm is diising NICK CANNON and mariah carrey, because nick made that track SLICK RICK which was dissing emminem! the proof is in that emminem said “what are you hollaring at me for? its your bitch on jy dick….” in SLICK RICK nick cannon said “i tried to hollar at you at the BET awards… get my point he was clearly dissing mariah and nick, calling her an alcoholic and nick a wack rapper………… yes no offense to ur article and research but SEDUCTION was not about the rap industry…….25 to life was,,,, but then again emm mentions that fact in the song.
    and here is my theory on CINDERELLA MAN, i think it is trying to take the mick out of RAIN MAN, though im not sure what do u guys think?

  11. Cayden Luke says:

    If you look at the line in no love where em that you scratched out and rewrote those rhymes you were gonna spit but makes no difference cuz’ I’m still gonna beat you again is in correlation with the fact that after lil Wayne heard em’s verse for forever he rewrote his own verse and em said it makes no difference because Slim’s verse became much more popular and talked about than weezy

  12. Matt says:

    To support Jeremy farther, the song No Love with Lil Wayne is after Not Afraid and Seduction, both songs pointed out by Jeremy that had possible lines dissing Lil Wayne. The two songs AFTER No Love are Space Bound and Cinderellla Man, also pointed out to have lines against Lil Wayne.

  13. Em says:

    Didnt on the song forever, lil wayne say ‘am sleeping on the best i need a pillow and a cover’
    Em responded to that on waynes own song, drop the world stating ‘ sleep on me that pillow is where your head will lye permanently bitch its beddy byees this world is mine prepare to die.
    I also have noticed a few sly remarks between the pair.

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  15. dash says:

    lit wayne is garbage bottom… some body needs to drop the world on his fucking head

  16. Mary Baker says:

    I find it hard to believe that Eminem would expend so much time and energy to diss Lil Wayne on half a dozen songs based on one silly comment Wayne made when he was clearly stoned. One song maybe, but that many? Come on. This has become an urban myth of sorts.

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