‘Eastbound and Down’ is coming back around.

Recently I’ve been worried whether or not ‘Eastbound and Down’ was coming back for a second season. Well phew! At least those doubts are relieved, now my biggest worry is how I’m going to pay my student loans.

The fact is, when I see Kenny Powers on TV, I see a little bit of myself. We’re basically two of the same guy, just portrayed in different physical form. Me, about 5’10, shredded like those shadowy figures in the Bowflex commercials, and turn-on women of all creeds like a faucet. A steamy, flowingly wet, faucet. Kenny Powers does much of the same except he’s got black hair, and he’s fat. His trademark is his 102 mph fastball, mine is my 36-feet deep range on my jumpshot.

HBO probably got their shit together more than any entity existing. They gave us ‘The Wire,’ ‘Curb,’ and here they are coming through with a second season of Kenny Powers.

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