Game 7 it is.

Nothing much to say about this one. They were in the same gear tonight as they were in the home blowouts to Washington and New Jersey.

It would be nice for Pierce to get a foul call going to the hoop. Guy must of slept with one of the ref’s wives or daughters and got caught? But by no means was that the story tonight. It did look like ‘Code Vince McMahon’ was in effect early on with the call Fisher received for falling like the bullet stricken Ricky in ‘Boyz N’ The Hood’ after getting breathed on. That was when the Celtics were actually in it.

When you rebound like the ball has AIDS, run an offense like your boycotting the coach, and playing defense like David Stern made you fix the game to force a 7th, then this is your result.

In conclusion, Celtics do not get phased by previously bad performances otherwise they would not be where they’re at now. The Perkins loss is huge, but like I mentioned before this team knows how to handle adversity and thursday will be their biggest test of handling adversity since this team was put together.

Sidenote: Mike Breen sucks. He’s terrible. They show a replay of Rondo taking a shot from the forearm of Ron Artest and the guys stand there with nothing to say until Jackson breaks the silence mentioning how Odom carried out the transition. If it was Kobe, Breen would of been in tears.

One Response to Game 7 it is.

  1. JackDev says:

    The Celts showed the basketball world what can be acomplished with determination, team defense and confidence… all enhanced by Doc, one of the greatest coaches despite only one championship.

    Most people had written them off before the Miami series and we talked then about how they could beat Cleveland and move on. I was more worried about the Cavs than the Magic and knew the Lakers would be the toughest. They were a Gasol on KG’s forearm call and a Ray 3 from winning it all… or pick your own scenario.

    I’m proud to be from Boston and to call the C’s my team. It very likely will all fall apart for a few years but they made it fun for the last 3.


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