Man kills ‘racist’ co-workers

Omar Thornton, formerly of Connecticut killed 5 people at the ‘Hartford Distributors’ plant he worked for. The family of Thornton claimed that he was constantly harassed the whole time he was at the plant, with hanging nooses in the bathroom, and written threats for his life with regards to him being black.

Very few people will ever know the extent of the death threats or harassment, because one group of friends or family will portray it one way, and the other group another. That being the case, this shooting was triggered by either the man, Thornton being a paranoid-schizophrenic, or that he was constantly harassed and driven to this breaking-point.

‘But we elected a black president, so there’s no way racism happens anymore.’

Ever hear somebody express that thesis before, and give it credibility. Foolishly enough, a lot of people think that way. They think the days of openly racist feelings are over because the government said so, with the ‘Civil Rights Act.’ Some inaccurately associate racism with slavery, and segregation, and think cause those things no longer exist that racism no longer exists. Ignoring the fact, that the seeds of a racist sub-conscious perpetuate negative feelings towards blacks, and puts the onus on blacks to relieve those doubts.

Of course society will not let you express racist feelings, but that is not keeping racist people from coming to conclusions about someone because of their skin color. I don’t doubt that this man was driven to this point by being constantly harassed. He was the only black employee in the plant, and in the neighborhood. It is not unreasonable to think that the people of that community felt more comfortable having an all-white neighborhood. Otherwise whites would not be so eager to leave their communities that were becoming more populated by blacks.

Most will say they are just words, and a kill-spree like that cannot be justified. I’m not one to side with the likes of the Columbine murderers, Dylan Klebold, and Eric Harris, the DC snipers Lee Malvo, and John Muhammad, or the Virgina Tech shooter. Those motherfuckers were twisted, paranoid-schizophrenics. And it’s not like every person kills someone because they call them names. But if someone’s life is being repeatedly threatened, and there are nooses hanging around, directed towards them on a everyday basis? That is going to drive them to the breaking point. And the perpetrators who made those threats are not victims because they were killed. It’s the same as throwing rocks at a bear, when it mauls you, you’re not a victim, you’re the instigator.

You make death threats for years, don’t be surprised when that person you are making death threats to, kills you. That’s a form of self-defense, where Omar fucked up is he didn’t stick around to get acquitted. But the cops probably would of shot him anyway.

9 Responses to Man kills ‘racist’ co-workers

  1. Try Again says:

    Every race has been persecuted against in America. No reason to just go and kill people. Sorry but that was a miserable fail. Idiot.

  2. Tick Toc says:

    I wish he stuck around so the nazi-tribe in prison would have their way with him!!!

  3. Omar Thorton is a HERO!!! Those crackers got what was coming to them, and that’s what all black men in this country need to realize that these crackers don’t give a fuck about you, and there is no need to try and assimilate into their bullshit, half-breed society. We need to do our own shit, and we need to do it NOW!

  4. Coach says:

    A person of any race can reach a breaking point. And for black men we have to deal with employment/workplace discrimination, housing discrimination, racism in the justice system, and other things that just add stress to an individual. Add on top of that that many of the parents and grandparents that raised us were abused by white people and you get a recipe for conflict.

    For instance, for our parents and/or grandparents generation, white people could call them niggers and openly treat them like 2nd class citizens and there would be no retalliation. Now when I grew up, 9 times out of ten if a white person called us nigger, we would be fighting. The racism BS is hurtfull, and people are getting tired of it. Theres alot of people that look at Omar as a hero. Because he had the stones to do what should have been done decades ago.

    But I also want to add that Omar wasnt racist. I know if you worked at the brewery Tom, he probably would have walked right by you because he wasnt hunting for white people, he was hunting for racist.

  5. Tommy S says:

    That’s an insightful perspective Coach. It’s important to consider things that caused the act committed, and not just judge somebody by their act committed. Of course somethings are not justifiable like pedophilia, or any act that involves a predatory nature.

    It is unfortunate for those who lost family members in this. But there has to be a level of understanding for what would drive Omar Thornton to do something like this, and it can’t be dismissed as a ‘man gone mad.’

  6. Royboye5 says:

    I’ve seen way too many like this spook.
    Time to get out that old ammo and begin this thing for real. These animals have taken the country I knew in the 60’s and 70’s and turned a great nation into an “anything can be excused” piece of crap country.
    Just by BEING HERE they’ve fucked up the greatest country in the history of the world.
    Leaches. Animals.

  7. AlfieLove says:

    What a great post. I’m emailing this to my friends.

  8. Beaupeep says:

    Racism is a poison passed on from generation to generation. If the blacks were in COMPLETE power for over two decades I wonder if we would have behaved any differently than the whites. Seems like every other race in this country is welcome except blacks. Even the president experiences racism and had to overcome to get where he is. This country was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us act like it and walk in love. I can see and understand both sides of this tragedy. But if you want to know if racism still exists in this country just buy yourself an old fashion CB radio and listen to the tow truck guys/girls on the airwaves and some of the hateful things they say. Vengance is mine says the Lord, and on the same note…you reap what you sow.

  9. Henry says:

    hey mselsia ford’s dead.carter’s your guy.altough if you read his views on israel you realise everyone has a hang up based on preconceptions.

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