College is the biggest scam in America; One of them at least.

In order to not only attain a quality job, rather in fact, just apply for one, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. That leaves a high school graduate left with very few options. The likely ones are college (which is where you would attain that degree), the work force, and military, or just plain loafing at your parents’ house. In 2009, 70% of high school graduates went to college.

College is no longer restricted to the higher-classes in society like it once was. The opportunities for students who come from a financially deprived situation have the chance to mortgage their education through financial aid, or student loans, which are the likely avenues. And nobody loves that more than the creditors who supply those loans.

College has become the assumed ‘right thing to do’ by most people, for a high school graduate to pursue. That notion may have to do with the fact it is the necessary protocol to attempt to be successful. But the question is, is that really the case?

In 2009, the unemployment rate for college graduates was 5.9%, which was the highest since 1983. A lot of people may attribute that to the ‘recession’ and dismiss it as a passing storm. But even for those who are employed, the average debt for college students is almost insurmountable, and while they may have a job as the result of a college degree (more or less), the irony is that they have to work twice as hard to pay off a huge debt as the result of acquiring that degree.No such thing as free.

What we have here is a classic example of a ‘catch 22’ you’re damned if you don’t go to college by having a resume that no company would take serious, and you’re damned if you do go to college by needing to hand over you’re freedom to creditors for the next twenty years just to pay for your education.

If you think about it, what practical value does college serve us? Most of these college graduates are not even prepared to go into work, because they sat in a classroom for four-years which simulates work-experience in no kind of way. This makes the price-tag of college even more ridiculous, it’s sort of like a ‘John’ paying for a blow job, and gets a peck on the cheek instead. That’s kind of what it’s like when you’re trying to set yourself up for a future career by learning how to be productive in that field, and instead you’re sitting through an elective about how ‘in actuality women are physiologically no different then men, just socially because the male patriarch has imposed its ruthless will.’ Then why is their cum useless, and ours is the formation of new life? But I’m getting sidetracked.

This system will never change, all of the politicians, and any person who as any type of pull come from these accredited institutions, and have likely been the honorees at major university events. So it’s not likely those people to screw the universities over. Plus the lobbying force of creditors like Sallie Mae, and the universities themselves will never let this cash-cow leave their favor.

The saying ‘the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer’ is not just some empty, little catch phrase. That saying holds a lot of weight, and this is a prime example of how it happens. Parents who can afford to send their kids to college, leave their children with the luxury of not having any debt once they go into their career (And that’s just one benefit). For those who can’t afford college, they have to rely on the vulture-like creditors to pay for their education, and then enslave them afterward with an inordinate amount of debt that in most cases is not realistic to overcome because college has not equipped them for an affluent career, in which it is foolishly but commonly portrayed to do.

Fuck you Asher Roth (The sucky rapper who loves college), I hate college. And fuck you Sam Adams (The sucky-rapper, who hates college but can’t articulate why) I hate you.

41 Responses to College is the biggest scam in America; One of them at least.

  1. I Love College says:

    Fucking retard. College is the best experience someone can have, it’s not a scam.

  2. Birds of a Feather says:

    Try getting a job without a college degree. Sure McDonalds, or FootLocker will hire you, but other than that you’re going to be on welfare, and typing stupid blogs like this one your whole life.

  3. Tim B says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s a scam, but it is overpriced.

  4. College Student says:

    I’d have to say that this is pretty much true. I’m kinda poor and if I don’t get a good job, I’m going to paying back my loans until I’m 50 years old. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my four year college, but if I don’t get a good job, I’m screwed.

  5. Response to 1st Comment says:

    I need to respond to a couple of the fucktards that are commenting here.

    1. “I love college”: you’re absolutely off target here, everyone knows how fun college is, thats not the fucking question here. The question is if it’s smart to be paying back student loans for 10 years cuz college can only get you a job getting paid 35k starting out.

    2. “Birds of a feather” your a fucktard… yes you cannot get a good job without a college degree but its hard to get one with a college degree as well. Also, someone who spent 4 years working at McDonalds and became a manager after a year would be a better candidate for an entry level business position, compared to some drunken fuck who has been boozing for the past 4 years with an accounting book used as a coozie for their beer.

    So, after 4 years this “McDonalds Manager” has money in the bank, real world experience, and will be getting the job Joe Business Degree wants.

  6. Birds of a Feather says:

    A college graduate will make a million more dollars in their lifetime than a high school graduate.

  7. Tommy S says:

    Birds of a feather, You’re comparing the aptitude of two different groups of people. Someone who goes to college is more likely to attain a higher paying job from either most of the time through nepotism, and the fact that they may be more motivated than a high school graduate. The entity of college itself is not what enables those people to acquire more money. It is the person.

    I’m also sure that number is inflated by millionaires, who most probably go to college. What that stat doesn’t tell us is the average number of degree holders slip through the cracks.

  8. Deathgleaner says:

    Congratulations, scammer.

  9. Vince says:

    Birds of a feather… oh dear. Here’s the dealio. College doesn’t make someone earn more money. The person earns the money. Want to know how to make more money than a college graduate without going to college? Become a plummer. Become a HOBO (honestly, a lot of them are scammers who have a shit load of money). Work as something no one wants to be. Those jobs are high-paying, because they are in high demand, and low supply.

    You’re statistics are incorrect as well. The AVERAGE college graduate will blah blah blah. Not just any graduate, but someone who works hard and has motivation and so forth. But that AVERAGE word also applies to the non college grads. There are many people who go on to be successful. Actors (unfortunately), designers (interior, game, floral, anything under the sun), and as Response said, someone who sticks with their job and has experience.

    So yes, the AVERAGE non-college grad will not make as much money. That is because they settle down with someone who makes more money than them, so they don’t work, or because they jump lazily from one job to another, getting no where. Learn the facts, friend. :]

  10. Rach227 says:

    I’m glad I live in the uk, if I don;t pay off my loans in the first 15 years, it’s a student loan so it’s written off… AND I have to be earning at least £15,000 a year for them to start making me pay and the amount you pay increases with your earnings so it works out ace for us 🙂

  11. Anon says:

    This is true and not true. Yes, getting university or college degrees house but just having a high school education doesnt mean you’ll make crappy money. I work as a Automotive Mechanic and granted I have to go to school still and I have to go for “specialized” training as I work at a Ford dealer, it doesn’t mean I will be making crappy money. The trades are something that gets overshadowed a lot, maybe because people are always looking for the “easiest” dollar. Hate to tell them this, but ALL jobs have there ups and downs, and I happen to love my job and I am very glad I chose to take this path instead of doing some office job, it’s right for me but not right for everyone else. Bottomline, Don’t judge make assumptions that “college is useless” or “college is the ONLY way to get a good job”, it’s all about what YOU want to do!

  12. Tommy S says:

    Anon, that’s a very good point, there are multiple avenues towards achieving a desirable line of work. The point of this article though is not ‘black & white like you make it seem to be. It is simply to point the misrepresentation of college, in that it is overpriced, serves little practical value, but is sometime the only way to attain a certain career.

  13. Mickey says:

    Okay, so, let’s say you top out at about 30,000 a year with no degree. No debt, but very little money.

    With a bachelor’s degree, you have potential to make 90,000 a year, So, you have 40,000 dollars in debt. Just spend your first year living like you only make 30,000 a year, and you’ve got it paid off in a year.

    I know a lot of people who are suffering monetarily, and who say they cannot afford college. They can afford cigarettes and booz, though. Rims and speakers for their cars. They buy an escalade and it eats up their whole monthly budget. This is why people are poor. Because no one lives within their means.

    Even when I’m finished med school, and making 250K a year, I’ll still be living in my 80K house. And, that’s what I have in common with most millionaires in this country. I live WELL within my means.

    Trust me, anyone can afford college.

  14. Falcon says:

    Well, the US system is quite screwed up. You shouldn’t have to pay nearly that much for education.

    Here in Finland, I pay an amount equivalent to about 100$ per year. That price includes all courses except extra languages. It also gives me a huge discount for almost everything almost everywhere around the city.

  15. Tommy S says:

    Mickey, I love it when people blame common folks for not living within their means when in the past two years it has clearly been the deception, and greed of Wall St., banks, and other financial institutions that have put this country in the hole that it is in.

    At this point, getting a job for 90k a year with a Bachelor’s degree is an irrational thought. And the interest that will accrue over time will make up about 50% of what you have to pay for.

    I’d love for things to be as ‘cut & dry’ as you make it out to be. Things would be pretty easy if that was the case.

  16. Jeremy says:

    That’s so screwed up! That’s like one of the reason why I don’t go college/university even though I live in Singapore… Debts, debts, and more debts even before you start, and no working experience and stuff to boot!

    Sadly, most idiot bosses will cut you up and exploit you by paying you less and letting you do more work…

  17. GhostofTruth says:

    Tommy, Mickey IS right about some of the financial crisis’ being from people not living in their means. Credit Card debt is the highest now than it ever has been. Why do you think that is? People are spending way too much on bread and milk? No. It’s because people go out and spend on the plastic because they don’t have to pay with actual visible money. It’s just “floated” to come plastic card and forgotten about….till the bill comes. While there current state of the economy is partly to blame on the financial sector of big corporations, it’s blazing ignorant to say that’s the only reason. Leave your hippy anti-business shit somewhere else.

  18. GhostofTruth says:

    But to the article itself, people here have some good points. College isn’t something for everyone. If you’re going to be a car specialist like Anon up there, you don’t need it, and more power to you. Some people want to do stuff you don’t need a post-secondary degree for, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re going into a specialized field, where the need for a BA or Master’s is a requirement, then yes you should go. Do you want to go into surgery with some kid who just has a high school diploma? A college degree doesn’t GET YOU anything directly. It just shows someone that you can work and dedicate yourself for 4 years towards a common goal and have the stamina to do it. Saying it will “get me a job” is ignorant, it’s just a tool, how you use it is up to you. IF you have a shitty worth ethic, it won’t save you. The REAL scam is the online “colleges” like University of Phoenix or even the Ivy Tech places. Run of the mill “get a a degree quick!” Yeah, that does virtually nothing to get you anywhere. Considering a half brain dead person can complete those.

  19. Tommy S says:

    Ghostoftruth, People have been irresponsibly using credit cards since the things came out, that debt in the grand scheme. The collapse of these major corporations, and the billions of dollars needed to bail them out, with no jobs available to ppl is why we’re here. People spend foolishly, not disputing that, in fact it disgusts me. Not the reason for the recession though.

    And when you say ‘you don’t want a kid doing surgery with a high school diploma’ you’re right, but do you want one fresh out of college to do surgery? When you say something like that, you’re missing the point I’m making. Yes people who want to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. need to go to college, I’m not saying they don’t have to, I’m saying they don’t learn the practical skills in college for that job, and pay an inordinate sum of money to finance college just to apply for a job in their desired field.

    They don’t start to learn until they get in the job, and get that hands-on training. The premise of going through 4 years of acquiring the specific knowledge is necessary, but not for $100-200k.

  20. Student says:

    Well I agree with the article. College is super over priced, and in most cases over rated. I went to a secondary school that was geared towards making their students go to college. Not going was not an option that they could accept so they almost physically pushed us through applications, Financial Aid, and Loan papers since we walked through the door. As fun as college is supposed to be it hasn’t and never will give anyone work experience. In all honestly you are better off going to a tech school where you get hands on training and they help you find a job. College is nothing but networking with future co-workers, and maybe they will help you get a job. It’s less about what you know and who you know. I dropped out and I have a pretty awesome job doing graphic design, something I taught myself with no college degree. I know multiple college graduates who make less than me, and I know even more that work at Footlocker and Burger King, go figure.

  21. ForestryMajor says:

    Anon’s response seems the most mature…..
    In my field, I currently am getting field experience because working a job and college are not mutually exclusive. College does cost alot, because materials for it are expensive, but if the U.S. wants more college students with less debt, then government should fund more college bills.

  22. Tommy S says:

    He had the most mature response? Good for him, huh?

  23. ziggy says:

    Of course uni is a good idea if you are academic but clearly the guy who wrote this isn’t because if he was he would know that sperm on its own is not “the formation of new life”. Using words like “patriarchy” doesn’t fool me twat!

  24. Tommy S says:

    Ziggy is so cool. I mean he uses ‘uni’ to imply university. Even though uni would have more to do with his bi-sexual tendencies. And you’re right, sperm itself is not the formation of new life. Your medal is in the mail, along with an introduction to reading comprehension to help you realize that the passage didn’t say anything about sperm being the only exclusive component to developing a human. Also by you professing that you are not fooled by the word ‘patriarchy’ and it’s applicable use, is confirming that such a basic word holds quite a bit of magnitude in your vocab, for you to even address the fact that I used it in an attempt to misguide people. Congratulations for being academic, put it on the resume for your next job application.

  25. BAP says:

    When you have to pay $150 for an ethics book (which so happened to be written by your professor) I have to say that college is WAY overpriced! I went to a public university after completing my basics at a junior college, worked two jobs and still went into debt. No I didn’t use my student loan money to party on. Students who had their parents pay for their school took out their own student loans to party on. My loans barely covered tuition and books so how the hell was I supposed to party in Cancun. Paying for college as you go….what a laugh!

  26. J.D Productive Denis says:

    Most of these response are talking about how fun College is. Are you insane! Your paying 10,000-30,000 a semester for fun? Real Smart! There is no way in hell you can get a 6 figure job with a Bachelor degree. IF YOU THINK SO YOUR RETARDED! My sister has her Master’s and makes close to 6 figures. #FAIL. And if you want to have a Job the rest of your life (because there is no such thing retiring before your 60.) have fun & die broke! Going to work everyday, living pay check to pay check every month. 40 plus hours a week! Not my cup of tea. I would rather live the dream like the 2% of the population. Entrepreneurs are way better! We tell you people with degrees what to do…Have a blessed day.

  27. College Grad says:

    I agree with the article almost entirely. Can’t remember how many ridiculous classes I had to sit through telling me how “oppressed” everyone who isn’t white and/or male is(at the very moment the colored folk are talking on their phones IN CLASS or blasting rap music on their headphones so loud you can’t even hear the instructor), or learning about ancient Chinese history, or any number of useless information I have already forgotten. Just expensive hoops you have to jump through before they will give you a diploma. College definitely takes advantage of students. A recurring charge of almost $300 every semester for an athletic fee? Give me a break! Both of those sporting events I went to during college cost me roughly $1000 each…no big deal! “Guidance counselors” who rarely respond to emails, give short uninformative smart ass dancing-around-the-question responses when they do, turn you away because you haven’t scheduled an appointment a week in advance(as they sit on their ass unoccupied), and act like you are a burden to their slothness. In the end you are left with absolutely zero work experience, as the lenders and school administration rake in the cash. Hopefully you picked the right major for your theoretic dream job 4 years earlier when you were fresh out of high school, because if you can’t get a job or absolutely can’t stand your “field of expertise”, your only options are McDonald’s or back to the University to start from scratch! Sure it opens doors for you, but it is one hell of an expensive, impractical way of doing so.

  28. Mr Know says:

    I see these so called college graduates every day. What a shame. They haven’t got the knowledge or the know how to blow their nose. Check out Jay Leno and the simple questions he asks college students. Sorry! Educated morons are still morons.

  29. Mike says:

    I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say the majority of people posting on this site are kids who are currently in college. There seems to be quite a bit of uneducated assumptions about life without a college degree. Fact of the matter is, you do not need one. I live quite well. I’m 30 years old and my YTD for 2010 was $92,382.41. My wife makes about 55K a year and IS a college graduate! Haha, how’s that for irony! It depends on the person. If you don’t have a college degree, it is still possible to make an excellent living, but it takes hard work. College is extremely overrated. As a matter of fact, I am anti-college. All of my friends who went to school are so far in debt, its sickening. Only in this country do we get financially exploited for simply wanting an education.

  30. Mike's a Douche says:

    Mike… you’re a douche putting your actual pay for 2010 down on the web. Relax… the thing about a college degree is that you have to work half as hard and can work twice as long as someone with out one… since you do not have an education i will spell this out for your.

    You work a lot harder for your 100k than a person with a college degree who makes the same amount.. and 5 years from now you will be making the same while the person with a college will be making more.

    Also, 5 years from now you will be slowing down.. thus making less… while the educated person will be managing people who are doing the hard work… laughing at you.. making 100k+

  31. Frisco Kid says:

    The potential I have is being wasted with a jerk off career in public health. But it was the only thing I could get after college from another state. I’m in Texas, I don’t speak Spanish (bastard Latin) and I’m not a minority. I have 27,000 in loans. Fuck college! Take big risks in business or join the masses like me. In another year i’m going off the grid and disappearing.

  32. John R. says:

    I agree for the most part. You get out of college what you put into it, so if you have a passion for a subject you can master it and plan a career in that field. My experience is that most students just do what they have to to get by, and while they have a degree, they don’t have much to show for it. I’ve hired many degreed workers in my career, and the worst all came from Ivy League schools. Bad speaking, writing and communication skills. I’ve also hired some amazing, brilliant workers from community colleges. I say go the least expensive school you can find, and study your ass off.

  33. Michael says:


  34. yo says:


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  36. @mickymouse says:


    when you finish getting your medical degree, you won’t be able to find a job. simple case of supply and demand. maybe 10 years ago there was a huge demand for medical personal, but now, there’s millions of peons like you already out there, unemployed and putting their degrees to work flipping patties at the local mc burger. “250K a year” nice wet dream, you can masturbate over that while your in line for welfare and paying off collage debt for the rest of your natural life. honk honk

  37. Tommi says:

    The cars we drive, made from factory workers with no college education $15-18/hr. The power fueling your computer, coal miners with no college education $20-30/hr/
    The new Walmart that opened downtown, Union carpenters $20-30/hr. These are just a few good paying jobs that only require minor training. Example miners pay $150 for a 3 day course and they jump right in where as lets say someone going for law enforcement(Cop) spends 4 years, thousands of dollars, wasting time/$$$ learning about art and pronouns will be lucky to come out of college and make anymore than the 18 year old that went to the factory right out of high school.

    My point is don’t judge or think your better than anyone else. Welfare supports the “Non-Working” class. not the ones who didn’t go to college. Even the people working at McDonald’s pay for the lazy to live. As a side note a Mc’ds store manager is looking at 40k+ a year and there’s always room to move up. Its all about how hard your willing to work no matter what field your in.

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  41. JC says:

    Gotta love there’s instantly braindead people defending the scam they partake in. Isn’t that more evidence that “College is the biggest scam in America”, when you literally have people paying to be slaves and defending their right to do so? It literally is “the best scam on earth” because they are told that they are smart by other people who get their money from them. Not to mention the textbook and generic fee profiteering. That’s the biggest and best scam around.

    All the info is available online (and taking tests on it, even majority of them going into ‘easier majors’ that mean less than ‘harder majors’). There’s so many statistics that delve into colleges being useless that it’s hard to ignore; the whole “harvard content being free on the internet” is just the icing on the cake.

    “IloveCollege” why not go to college for free, or take ‘1’ useless class and then partake in the student life if you like it so much? lmao

    “Birds of a Feather” not entirely true. If you have a degree you’re still competing with hundreds of others. Coming from one with hacking experience I’d say a 4.0 GPAer from Harvard gets the ‘free ride’ but then a year later you hear the “X company gets hacked; US govt gets hacked” because of those intern’s incompetence, meanwhile there’s 3.0gpaers or people who didn’t even go to college who did not get those free-ride connections and would have had the skills to plug those security holes.

    America is not a ‘meritocracy’ unfortuantely, a lot of times the stupid people get manipulated and even fight for their right to get into debt and become literal useless sacks of shit. That’s almost like defending slavery or ironic. It’s so easy to dismiss this ‘faulty logic’ by low IQ college dwellers that it’s insane.

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